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Say goodbye to chemicals and hello to natural hair

Avery Scott

Avery Scott

Joslyn Walker, Reporter

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In the Afro-American community to have your hair in its natural style is back en vogue. Women all over are turning away from form relaxers and allowing the natural curls grow out of their heads.

Madam C.J. Walker is the inventor of many hair products and tools that we use today. She created hair treatments for the scalp to promote growth for hair damage and loss of hair. She also created the hot comb and many other hair care formulas. Because of her contribution to black women’s hair care have come along way from 1904.

Relaxers are a white cream substance that is applied to black hair to straighten it. When the cream is applied it can only sit for so long before a burning feeling comes over the scalp. If not washed out in a timely matter, a woman’s hair can and will fall out.

Black woman are getting away from what used to be called “creamy crack” and back to what is called “natural”. Why? Well according to, relaxers cause too much damage to your hair, causing everything from hair loss, breakage, dryness and serious irritation.

In the results of being natural, women have seen improvements with their hair. Marcelle Wilkins, 52, of Niagara Falls, New York, has been natural for about five years. She said, “Ever since I made up my mind to go natural, I have been impressed with my hair and how much growth I have compared to having a relaxer.”

Black hair salons have also gotten with the times as well. Most black hair salons you walk in today you see either someone who can do twist outs to dreads. Tiffany Romeo, 22, of Brooklyn, New York has been natural for 10 years. “I will never go back”, Romeo said, “ I love my hair now and the way is it, nothing will make me go back.”

She takes all kinds of protective styles to grow her hair and protect it. “ I wear wigs when I’m lazy and it also grows my hair out depending on how long it leave my wig on.

All though, black women are going natural some women are still sticking to relaxers. According to, relaxers can be manageable. In order to keep the hair healthy a woman will have to keep the hair moisturized and deep conditioned. Which are also requirements of keeping natural hair healthy as well.

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Say goodbye to chemicals and hello to natural hair