Don’t let allergies stop you from living your best life


Brianna Baptiste, Columnist

At last, the long awaited spring weather we’ve all been praying for is finally here. Buffalo is notorious for its frigid temperatures, so when the spring weather comes it’s a relief. For months we had to trudge through the snow, sleet and freezing rain. Lately, we’ve been able to take walks in the park and, like on our Buffalo State campus, many have spontaneous get togethers or small parties celebrating such nice weather.

Unfortunately, with this weather comes something a lot of us dread… allergies. This is something that some grow up with like myself, while others grow into them. Many people don’t realize that that suffer from allergy symptoms because you do not have to be born with it. Each year our bodies change as well as the pollen chemistry. Therefore, many of us out there can one day develop seasonal allergies depending on the pollen makeup in their community that year.

If you don’t suffer from allergies, chances are, you know someone who does. Allergies can even be passed down from generation to generation. Knowing how to deal with these symptoms to at least make them tolerable can be a struggle for many people. Being that I’ve had allergies from birth and seen two allergists, looking for ways to make my allergy season easier, I have come a long way. Personally, I’ve been taking advice from fellow allergy suffers, my allergist, as well as old Caribbean remedies to come up with my allergy tips to help you have the best spring possible.

Tip # 1 – Petroleum Jelly:

If you’re like me a running or stuffy nose are one of the top five allergy symptoms and by far one of the most annoying. Growing up I had an aunt that taught me a great way to prevent it to even get to that point. Petroleum Jelly. You simply take a Q-tip, cover it in Petroleum jelly and use that covered Q-tip to coat the inside of your nostrils. I was taught that the petroleum jelly catches the pollen as it enters your nostrils so that you don’t inhale it. Therefore this stops the constant need to blow, wipe or scratch your nose.

Tip # 2 – Swollen Eyes:

This is a trick that I have been using for as long as I can remember. Irritated, itchy, red eyes can cause swollen eyes and that are usually due to the high pollen levels in the air. Swollen itchy eyes can really put a damper on your day and sometimes even halt it all together. With this tip you’ll need paper towel, cold water, a comfortable seat or bed and at least 10 minutes. Simply wet the paper towel with the cold water, fold it up, and place it on your eyes. Instantly, you should feel relief but for longer relief, relax in a comfortable spot to allow the towel to get to room temperature before opening your eyes and taking off the towel.

Tip # 3 – Water:

Stay hydrated. There are certain factors that you are in control of that can determine how bad your allergy season is going to be. When I know spring is getting closer, I change my eating habits and taking in more water. Your allergy symptoms feed off of an unhealthy body. The water gives you a healthy body but it also flushes out the pollen that is in your system if you started you water diet after the start of the spring season.

With these three simple tips you are already on your path to a healthier season. Stay hydrated, take care of your body, and never leave home without your petroleum jelly or paper towels. Don’t let allergies stop you from living your best life possible.