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Lying at Death’s Feet

Lying at Death’s Feet

September 25, 2019

CURVED: The Curse of Hera

Ariel Frazer, CURVED Editor

March 19, 2019

Part One Living as time moved on was never easy, as people around me grew older I just stayed the same. Moving every few years or so, then always coming back after a couple decades when the people I had once knew were gone. Sad, yes bu...

CURVED: The Life of Trees

Alexander Field, CURVED

March 12, 2019

If trees could speak, they'd say nothing, for they've found peace; learned to let it be. They'd stay silent, swaying in the breeze. At least, this is how it seemed.   Deep in the forest, blazing new ways for other...


Alexander Field, Curved

February 7, 2019

“He has no pulse,” wielding an index and middle finger, my mom's perfectly round eyes catch me in the doorway. I run to the kitchen, snag a sandwich bag, and tear a small hole in it as I bolt back upstairs. Darting into t...

CURVED: Paper Boy

Alexander Field, Curved

November 26, 2018

There's an estranged local boy in my town, and today I to followed him. James is his name. His mind flutters with pain. Day-to-day he dances to match the sparks and flashes within his eyes. The public knew little of what Ja...

CURVED: Oglee-Ojee

Alexander Field, CURVED

November 6, 2018

Accompanied by Samuel Orson – Ancient Ones   Through our eternal past and eternal future man has sought a passage, a path to wealth, to love, to self. And there is one, a door, spoken from myth far less than knowledge....

CURVED: Reaper

Alexander Field, Curved

October 12, 2018

Accompanied by Oketo - Mordor   The world opened wide and grand, a spectacle to be seen. Life flourished green and grew into big shoes, big wheels, and big you. So how'd that tyke with spikes, spirit, and str...


Alexander Field, Curved

September 29, 2018

  Accompanied by House of Waters - In Waves   “The whole day has been loops of tiny circles.” He exhales vibrantly, “my mind is minced.”   Three peas sat atop a mossy boulder, a m...

CURVED: A Piece of the End

CURVED: A Piece of the End

September 17, 2018

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