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Staff writer Cydney Ramos with Archie Marshall, lead singer of King Krule.

Concert review: King Krule in Boston

Cydney Ramos, Staff writer February 29, 2024

One of my favorite bands, King Krule, came out with an album last summer called Space Heavy. I indulged in every single song and basically dedicated my life to the album for a few months. Space Heavy consists...

The Erie County Holding Center.

Pushing for Corrective Justice: A NYS Bill to Protect the Rights of Incarcerated Individuals

Matthew Karovski, Writer February 19, 2024

New York Assembly bill A8364, a bill focused on the protection of the rights of incarcerated individuals, was introduced to the NYS Committee on Corrections in January 2023. It remains in the Senate Committee. In...

A table that is conducive to Restorative Justice conversations and circles.

Restorative Justice: Addressing Conflict through Conversation

An Interview with Associate Dean Janelle Brooks
Matthew Karovski, Writer December 3, 2023

When someone utters the phrase “student conduct office”, what thoughts enter your mind? Some may associate the Student Conduct & Community Standards, or Judicial Affairs, with the office that issues...

Traditional hockey stick wrapped in pride tape

The issue of banning theme nights in the NHL

Andrew Forsyth, Sports Editor November 9, 2023

Before the NHL season, the league banned every team's pride and heritage jerseys. These jerseys have been a staple of celebrations of different cultures and heritages for years, and now these celebrations...

Julia Boyer Reinstein Library in Cheektowaga, NY displays banned books in their book nook for National Banned Books Week.

National Banned Books Week 2023: Ideas Under Attack!

September 21, 2023
Matthew Karovski, Writer October 2, 2023

Should the nation-state regulate the books you can read? Is the censorship of books a justifiable element of a limited government? Though minimal interventionism is the approach of the U.S. government,...

Emerging AI technology could change the future of academic papers.

Is intelligence becoming too artificial?

Angela Caico, Staff Writer August 30, 2023

It was the first day of my senior year of college, and the professor was reviewing the class expectations. Cell phones must be put away. Do not speak without raising your hand. Use ChatGPT to write your...

On Anti-Oppressive Teaching Pedagogy: An Interview with Professor Anna Zeemont

On Anti-Oppressive Teaching Pedagogy: An Interview with Professor Anna Zeemont

Matthew Karovski, Staff Writer June 7, 2023

As the United States continues to prioritize social justice, it is apparent that societal institutions need to move past traditional power structures in our society. In terms of education, a particularly...

How Jaws teaches media production students to make good film

How “Jaws” teaches media production students to make good film

Alessia Gervasi, Secretary, Writer March 24, 2023

Films create many emotions and reactions with the help and intentions of its techniques. I knew that any film I watched prior to learning about the techniques used had been made in a specific way. A...

Dog days can be an affair of the heart

Dog days can be an affair of the heart

Michael Argentieri, Contributor March 24, 2023

There are no 'la de da' days for Holly Donohue these dog days. Donohue owns and operates two dog care facilities in the south towns and is also a mom to five rescue dogs. Donohue starts her day at La De...

Buffalo Broadcasters Association seeking award applicants now

Buffalo Broadcaster’s Association seeking award applicants now

Andrew DiMartino, News Editor, Photographer March 5, 2023

An opportunity for students looking to pursue a future in journalism or digital media is being offered by the Buffalo Broadcaster’s Association. The BBA is looking for applicants for this year's Tim...

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