Spring Turn Up For Free!


Brianna Baptiste, Opinion Editor

Let’s be real. Spring break can be expensive, especially for those of us who don’t get a refund check. If it isn’t the lack of a refund check, it’s rent, utilities, tuition and the other hundred of responsibilities new to us in this “adulting” thing.

With the majority of your peers either taking a trip to Miami, Vegas, the Caribbean or California, how do you get to “live your best life” from home without overdrafting your bank account?  

Little did you know, there are tons of activities to do and places to visit that are totally free and Instagram worthy so you’ll be sure to make all your followers jealous.

In this day and age all of us are pretty much computer savvy, whether we like it or not. Oddly enough, just like everything else in this world you can fix your budget free spring break problem with a simple google search, such as “free spring break activities in Buffalo”.  

Let’s start with the obvious, Niagara Falls. Luckily, we go to school twenty five minutes away from the nation’s oldest state park. This is exquisite scenery, perfect for Instagram that is open 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Imagine visiting during sunset with the falls behind you. That right there is the perfect picture.

Along with your spring break adventures, you’re bound to get hungry and what better places to stop than the Instagram worthy food places? But, these food worthy foods can be just as great from home.

All you have to do is pick a dish, Pinterest it, and boom right there you have the do-it-yourself recipe that helps create an envious looking picture. Plus, this keeps the budget low, and you looking active.

With Buffalo as big as it is, and as beautiful as it is, there is a ton of space that has gone untouched just for us to admire. The Tifft Nature Preserve is the perfect place to take a minute to feel the nature around you and breathe in the fresh air. I mean it’s called spring “break” for a reason. Here’s the bonus: it’s completely free.

Don’t be afraid to take it to be to your childhood days with your break. Have your own playdates with your friends right in your backyard. Delaware Park is the perfect place for picnics, outdoor movies, and even a bubble party. Yes, a bubble party. Large wands. Soapy water and tons of friends.

Spring break can be a bummer if you don’t have the funds but hopefully this year, it doesn’t have to be the case. Hopefully this year, you can go out and live your life on your terms. Have fun, enjoy life, for free!

Keep these last few tips in mind to ensure smooth sailing for the entirety of your spring break:

  • Do not impulse buy – no you don’t need that new shirt, Lucy. You have 4 other shirts like it in your closet.
  • Limit the number of times you eat out – You ate an hour ago! You’ll be okay!
  • Use your feet for as much of your transportation as possible – this may be a scary thought but your feet work so much better than Uber.
  • Go on adventures with friends – You can split almost any costs and you won’t be kidnapped

Happy Spring Break!