Lovers Lane: SUNY Buffalo State


Brianna Baptiste, Opinon Editor

Let’s face it, lovers of the world, Valentine’s Day is one of the most dreadful days monetary wise (next to Christmas that is).

On top of that, as college students, we are already broke as it is. So how in the world do you show that cute hotty you’ve been dreaming of taking out, that you’re interested in them for Valentine’s Day.

Little did you know, SUNY Buffalo State can be a lover’s dream date come true.

Let cupid shoot some date ideas your way.

Date Idea #1: Upton Hall – Diamond in the Rough
Upton Hall is Buffalo State’s MET museum that you don’t have to pay for. You and your date can stroll through the buildings art gallery as you witness the talents of some of your peers come to live. This gallery has the perfect secluded feel to it, making it the perfect one on one time with your significant other. Being that this building is right next to Bulger, this is a perfect spot to have time for your date and still be able to make it to class on time.

Date Idea #2: Burchfield Penney Art Center – Paint Your Date With Love
Maybe you’re trying to be a little more “bad and boujie” and would like something more “upscale”. The Burchfield brings the classy on a budget feel to your Valentine’s Day festivities. You and your date can either do the basics and just sightsee around the different parts of the center or you can make it a uniquely fun date and turn it into a scavenger hunt or even a photo shoot. So take a trip in this winter wonderland we call Buffalo right up to the block to the corner of Elmwood and Rockwell.

Date Idea #3: Game Center in the Union – It’s Game Time
According to Urban Dictionary, playing games with your valentine is negative in all aspects, mainly because it is another way of saying you’re not being faithful, aren’t interested in them anymore or simply just found someone else, but trust me you want to play these games. The game center can be found in the Student Union on the lower level.

Date Idea #4: Fireside Lounge – Let’s Get Steamy
A cozy fire and fluffy couches go together in ever romance movie ever made and Buffalo State has it also. On the 3rd floor in the Student Union, students can find a secluded area with a fire where they can do all the “canoodling” they want (just don’t get too explicit, you don’t want to be expelled now.) You can either visit this area during the day to share some homemade lunch or you can visit in the evening and bask in each other’s love over dinner. Don’t get stuck in there overnight so make sure you get out of the student union before midnight.

Date Idea #5: Dinner for Two – The Classic
I don’t know about you but a spouse that can cook is such a turn on. Heat up your date by showing off your cooking skills. It’s as simple as 1, 2, 3, literally. You’re probably thinking, “Where on Earth am I going to cook?” Thanks to the Pinterest app, you have a full dorm friendly recipe book on your hands. Use the app to make recipes like, ‘Homemade microwave mac n’ cheese’ or you can sweeten up your date with the super cook ‘Cake in a mug’ recipe.

Valentine’s Day was never about the money. It’s about the effort you put in to express how much that special someone means to you. You don’t need to spend the world when your whole world should be sitting right in front of you. Take today to spend some quality time with your significant other. Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone!