lovelytheband Show Buffalo Why They’re Lovely


Chris Prenatt

lovelytheband’s Mitchy Collins with guitar in hand sings to the crowd at the third and final night of Alternative Buffalo’s Kerfuffle Before Christmas

The third night of Alternative Buffalo’s Kerfuffle Before Christmas at Buffalo RiverWorks, 359 Ganson St., went off with a bang, and it was all due to opener lovelytheband.

The Los Angeles, Calif., alt-pop trio composed of vocalist Mitchy Collins (ex-Oh Honey,) guitarist Jordan Greenwald and drummer Sam Price, have been making a name for themselves ever since they dropped their debut EP “Everything I Could Never Say…” back in September on Another Century Records (The Haxans, Radkey, The Wrecks,) which features their hit song “Broken.” lovelytheband played their final show of 2017 here in the Nickel City as part of the final night of the Buffalo based radio station’s annual Christmas show along with New York City natives AJR and California based indie rock group Cold War Kids who headlined the show.

lovelytheband kicked off their set by playing the second song off of “Everything I Could Never Say…” “Emotion,” a pretty chill song that has Collins’ vocals soaring over electronic beats and Price’s drumming. They played more songs off their EP including tracks such as “Strangers,” “Don’t Worry, You Will,” and “Make You Feel Pretty,” a nearly four minute long pop track that has Collins singing, “Oh my God, my life is such a mess/ Oh my God, I think that I need some rest,” something that a lot of people can relate to. The group even performed a brand new song, “Friends,” which possibly comes from their forthcoming debut full-length album.

From what I saw and heard, I believe lovelytheband might be a band that everyone should have on their radar as soon as the new year arrives. With bouncy melodies, relatable lyrics that tell stories, and the smoothness of Collins’ hypnotic style, lovelytheband are an interesting trio that’s got me hooked for more. These boys are talented and they’ll go far in their brand new careers.