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What you may have missed at Buffalo Fashion Week!

Steven Luangpakdy
Buffalo Fashion Week Executive Director Khalil Carr.

Buffalo Fashion Week (BFW) made its first appearance in several years on Feb. 11. BFW began in 2013 and its revival began in the fall of 2023.

After numerous months of preparation Khalil Carr, BFW’s executive director and one of the youngest filmmakers in WNY, and his team put it into action.

Carr’s decision to join BFW stemmed from his love for his home city, Buffalo, and his growing love for fashion.

“Buffalo Fashion Week means something great to me; this show helps people bring local fashion and art together,” said Carr. “We came together and just dreamed to be bigger than what we already are.”

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Carr credits most of BFW’s success to his dedicated team: overseer of the market Jacob Mairena, creative directors Kimori Jamison and Skye Mckelvie, and for development and planning Ali Khalil and Esterhlin Barrientos.

At BFW attendees were introduced to new fashion, new dance teams, new performers, and new people to network with.

This fashion show was an overall success but Carr promises that the Spring 2024 event on May 1 will be even better.

“Everything will be different next time! The more designers and models coming to the forefront will help us come out of our comfort zone. Just you wait – it’s going to be legendary.”

If you missed out on the February BFW don’t panic!

Get your tickets to the next one on BFW’s Instagram .

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