Buffalo State alumnus releases debut novel, ‘The Intersect’

Joseph Morganti, Reporter

SUNY Buffalo State alumnus Brad S. Graber released his debut novel “The Intersect” on May 9. Set against Arizona’s political and cultural change at the start of 2010, “The Intersect” explores the issues of the day by combining together the lives of strangers striving to survive in the world. The novel begins with Charlie and Dave Greenway, an older gay couple who move from San Francisco to the Biltmore in Phoenix.

They soon discover their new home was sold to them by a greedy nephew of its elderly owner, Daisy Ellen Lee, while she was away at a rehab nursing home for a broken hip. The men decide to take Daisy in and they soon get involved in her family drama.

Other characters in the novel include Henry, a teen who is kicked out when he comes out to his family; Bonnie, a nurse with a fear of relationships; and Ernie, an illegal Mexican immigrant who has been in the U.S. since he was eight years old.

Graber’s mission in the novel is to “write fiction that brings to light and link current and lesser-known social issues many of us face, but don’t talk about openly, like ageism, immigration, and homelessness,” said associate publicist Larissa Ackerman.

Reviews on the book are very well, averaging a 4.9 out of 5 on Amazon.

“Easily one of my favorite books I’ve read this year, I couldn’t put ‘The Intersect’ down. The story weaves together many interesting storylines of unique characters in a way that reminds me that the world is a very small place,” one Amazon review said.

The review continued:

“While without one main protagonist, the author expertly gives enough time and weight to each story and I loved how their lives ‘intersect.’ The dialog is so genuine and conversational, I felt like I knew the characters intimately and I was rooting for everyone.”

For a first-time author, I’m impressed with the tight editing and storyline. I can see how easily this could be translated into a film!”

Another review stated:

“I was totally engaged as the character development and scene descriptions in INTERSECT made me feel I was there and knew these characters. And, Graber’s ability to personalize the social issues of our times, truly touched my soul.”

Graber was born and raised in New York City. He obtained his B.A. in Biology from SUNY Buffalo State, and his M.H.A from Washington University in St Louis, MO.

He has held numerous management positions over the years. He was formerly a member of the American College of Healthcare Executives, and a Certified Medical Executive through Medical Group Management Association.

He currently volunteers with local non-profit organizations such as Duet, an organization that provides services to seniors.

He has lived in Highland Park, a suburb of Chicago, West Bloomfield, a suburb of Detroit, and Mill Valley, a suburb of San Francisco. He currently lives in Phoenix with his partner of 26 years, Jeff. He’s currently working on his second novel.

“The Intersect” can be purchased on Amazon on kindle for $4.99, or paperback for $15.99.

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