Cinema is Buffalo Strong

Elijah Robinson, Secretary

Between October 9-12, the Buffalo International Film Festival premiered its entries at the Dark Alley Drive-In.

It was a packed lot for three days, with the local community eager to continue the strong Buffalo movie culture that COVID-19 temporarily halted.

“The drive-in is a safe environment for people to enjoy films collectively,” said John Fink, BIFF artistic director.

Patrons could stream the premiered films at home or watch at the drive-in. This allowed for a wider audience and a few extra entries.

One of the films that premiered there as a WNY Centerpiece was Runaway, by Buffalo State Professor Meg Knowles.

This event was a boon for the Dark Alley Drive-In.

“The local arts community and film lovers are extremely supportive,” said Chris Dearing, founder of Dark Alley Drive-In.

Since its founding in August, coupled with the statewide shutdown of cinemas, it has held many screenings for the past two months.

“Many local residents are happy to see a formerly empty lot see some use,” Dearing said.