BikeorBar meets Buffalo State

Valerie Ryan, Contributing Writer

BikeorBar instructors walk further from the ashes of their old studio in the Elmwood Village and step onto the Buffalo State campus with the words HOUSTON GYM in big letters in front of them.

Just in time for class.

In October 2021, BikeorBar, a fitness and spin studio located in the heart of the Elmwood Village, suffered a devastating fire. Not only was their business ruined, but the tenants above the studio were pushed out of their homes.

After almost 10 years of BikeorBar’s trendy and lively studio, Brit Leo, one of the owners, now had to find other ways to keep doing what she loves.

“I’ve been teaching all over at other studios, which has been awesome, ” Leo said.

Leo and some BikeorBar employees have collaborated with other studios such as Sweat 716, Rebel Ride and others, working as interim instructors.

Buffalo State College has recently partnered with the BikeorBar team and are offering free spin classes to students every Monday and Wednesday from 6:00 p.m., to 6:45 p.m., right on campus.

“I thought that it would be nice to help them out as they are a local spin studio that is going through a tough time,” Thomas Trzepkowski, the Emergency Response & Fitness Center Coordinator at Buffalo State said. “I have been working very closely with Brit, who is one of the owners of the studio on this amazing project for our campus and to provide a few classes each week that will keep some of their instructors working while they rebuild.”

The spin studio at Buffalo State is in Houston Gym room 003. The start date is still TBD as the school is awaiting five more bikes for a total of 15 spin bikes for students and one for the instructor.

Leo says as a Buffalo State alumnus she is very excited for the opportunity and wishes spin was offered during her time at the school.

“We play really good music, really upbeat music and the instructors are really upbeat too, so hopefully everybody has a really good time,” Leo said.