MTV’s Girl Code/Guy Code Comedy tour hits campus

Buffalo State students were in for a treat when MTV’s Girl Code/Guy Code Comedy tour hit campus. The event, sponsored by United Students Government, Student Life Office and The Performing Arts Center, only cost students $10 for a night filled with laughter.

Health and wellness major Sheila Antwe was one of the first people in line an hour before the show started.

“This $10 I spent better be worth it,” she said. “I came early so I could get a good seat. I have to see my favorite girl Nessa from Girl Code!”

The line wrapped around the end of the hallway in Rockwell. Once security started letting people in, the auditorium filled up quickly. The stage was decked out in Girl Code and Guy Code banners and posters. Center stage was a screen that showed real tweets from students in the audience.

At exactly 7:30 p.m., the lights grew dim, music began to play, the spotlight focused on the stage, and the show began. Nessa, one of the main faces on Girl Code, also known as “NessNitty,” opened the show with her energy in full force.

Her hair was her usual reddish-pink and blonde at the top and brown at the bottom. She wore black wedge sneakers, all black stretch pants with a black t-shirt that managed to cover her bottom but still show her curves.

Nessa started off with the typical Buffalo jokes, about the cold weather and constant construction. She gave advice for the ladies, reminding us that our vaginas are young so we should enjoy and embrace it.

Next to hit the stage was Jordan Carlos. He wore typical nerd gear – – fitted jeans, plaid shirt and his glasses. He opened up to the audience and told jokes about how it was growing up the only African American kid in an all white and Jewish private school.

Carlos also had a piece of advice for the crowd: “Don’t meet your heroes.”

He spoke about a time when he was in middle school and got the chance to meet Bill Clinton. Trying to make conversation with the former president, he asked him if he liked brainteasers. When Clinton said that he did, Carlos gave him a riddle to figure out. Clinton had no idea what the answer was and had his secretary call Carlos two weeks later for the answer. That’s not what Carlos imagined meeting the President would be like.

Nessa came back to the stage for more audience interaction. This part of the show was called “#DontJudgeMe.” She talked about her “don’t judge me” moment and admitted she stalks her boyfriend’s social network pages and monitors — not only who follows him, but who he follows. Don’t judge.

Five brave students went on stage and shared their most embarrassing “don’t judge me” moments. There isn’t a big enough gavel to control what we heard. One student expressed her methods for wiping her tush, and another girl admitted that she likes to play with balls. But no one’s “don’t judge me” moment topped that of the student who admitted that she reuses her underwear on the correct side and reverse side to save laundry detergent.

Damien Lemon then came on stage in suede dark blue Nikes, cargo pants and a blue shirt. He talked about his college experience –particularly noting that, when he went, dorms weren’t coed. He joked about the struggle he faced when trying to make a move on a girl during the two hours they were allowed to be in each other’s rooms.

The trio came back on stage for one last audience interaction game. Students would Tweet a question to them, and they would answer it.

One student tweeted the question, “I’m 28 and I’m still single, should I lower my standards every month?”

The student got up, went to the mic and the interrogation began. It was apparent that the student had a lot to offer — he owns a house, has a job and drives a car, which is why his standards are so high. Everyone agreed he needed to lower his standards or else he will live out the rest of his life as a single virgin.

The end of the show was the best part, because the cast members stuck around to meet and greet the students. They took pictures, chatted, and gave one-on-one advice. A little star struck, I got the chance to talk with Nessa and I asked her who she has gotten star struck over.

“I’m interviewing Mariah Carey next week,” she said, then gushed, “Honestly that’s my bitch. I love her.”

Mechanical engineering tech major Benjamin Camille, enjoyed the show from start to finish.

He said, “The comedy tour was one of the best shows I’ve been to since I came to Buff State… I hope they come back.”


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