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You’ll have a charming time at these St. Patrick’s Day shows

Pretty In Plaid live

As the weather in Buffalo struggles with where it wants to be, finding the end of the rainbow feels like there is no end in sight. Even if we see the end, is there something that awaits us?

These upcoming shows for the St. Patrick’s Day weekend are our guides to the festive realm.

1. Gates of Steel, Gimme Gimme, & Sympathy Hounds at Mr. Goodbar

Gates of Steel live (Mark Jenkins)

Have a fun and energetic night with some classic Irish Celtic Punk Rock with Gates of Steel and their clover buddies. Presale tickets can be purchased by DMing the Gates of Steel Instagram for $7. They will be $10 at the door at 8pm at Mr. Goodbar on March 15 to start off St. Patrick’s Day right.

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2. Pretty In Plaid, Before Manhattan, Skyway, & Velvet Bethany at The Cave

Pretty In Plaid band (@frameeveryframe)

If you’re an Emo Pop Punk enjoyer, Pretty In Plaid and the other support of charmers are here to cast the in-your-feelings spell. Tickets are $10 at the door at 7pm at The Cave on March 16. This is also going to be the final show Pretty In Plaid is going to do as a band, so come out to give them one last hurrah.

3. Better Plastic, BastardBastardBastard, Broken Locker & Belt at Hot Mama’s Canteen

better plastic live (Quinten Koroshetz)

If you enjoy the heavier side of things, you’ll find some Hardcore St. Patrick’s Day goodness with better plastic at Hot Mama’s Canteen. Tickets are $10 at the door at 2pm on March 17 (St. Patrick’s Day, so come leap into the mosh pit!

4. Justin Arena, Molly O’Leary, Adelaide, and Smitten For Trash by The Lavender Room at Mohawk Place

Lavender Room Poster (Jare Curtis)

As luck would have it, we’ll have a nice chill show to attend after all the partying from St. Patrick’s Day. Presented by the Lavender Room, Justin Arena and Molly O’Leary, with great local support from Adelaide and Smitten For Trash, have some catchy and intimate folk vibes bringing you into the sunset. Tickets are around $10-15 at the door at 6pm at the Mohawk Place on March 18.

May we find some faith for ourselves, hope for tomorrow, love for the music, and the luck to see it all through.

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Sol Verma, Staff Writer
Sol is a Media Production major, music lover and poetry-writer (when the time is right)!

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