Oh, the ‘Rocky Horror’! USG sponsors student revival of beloved musical for Halloween

In the young adult novel The Perks of Being a Wallflower, the narrator, Charlie, reflects on his time watching a cult classic.

Of all the things I’ve done this year so far, I think I like the ‘Rocky Horror Picture Show’ the best,” he writes in his journal. “It’s really fun because all the kids dress up like the people in the movie, and they act out in front of a big projection screen. Also people shout out at the movie on cue.”

The fact that a film made in 1975 has a place in a book written in the late ‘90s is just a testament to its appeal, and now the longest-running release in film history is coming to Buffalo State this Halloween.

After a month of rehearsals, USG and Students from the casting hall and theatre department will be performing the cult classic for the first time, in the Social Hall from 7-10 p.m., with the actors in full costume. There will be free popcorn, and live audience participation is encouraged.

Not only will students who love the show be able to see it in a new and original form, but those who have never seen the classic will be able to understand its widespread appeal.

Emily Leminger, associate vice president of academic affairs at USG Student Life, explained that the event will have a costume contest in which the first 30 students who win will be given movie-themed buttons. The costume categories include the scariest, most creative, sexiest, and the best group.  

She said that while students are performing the musical live, the movie will be playing in the background on a projector.

Rocky Horror” is considered both a comedic horror film and a musical, and has never been pulled from 20th Century Fox, continuing to play in theatres. According to the National Film Registry, it was selected for preservation in 2005 and was called “culturally, historically, and aesthetically significant.”

It’s not just a movie, either; its popularity grew first from the book, and then from the musical. The music and lyrics remain adored by fans, actors and directors continue to reshape it in theaters. Even “Perks’” cast of characters partake in a very accurate rendition. Leminger called it “really good, interesting, and very different from what you’re used to.”

Freshman Jess Freda first saw “Rocky Horror” live last November.

I’m a part of the theatre community, and being in theatre and not having seen it is just plain weird,” she said.

Freda said she loves the show so much because of its overall content and it’s a racy subject, and because you get to dress up.  

It’s a good time,” she said.  “It’s about something we all talk about.”

The show features a “self-proclaimed transvestite” from Transsexual, Transylvania, at an annual convention, disembodied dead people lip-syncing, a manmade creation named Rocky, a lost couple, seduction, a dinner served from a mutilated body, and a creepy old mansion — making it a well-rounded, insanity-filled adventure perfect for college students on Halloween.

When asked if there was a reason for anyone not to like the show, Freda said that there was absolutely nothing about it that should not be liked.  

There could be things in it that people don’t like,” she said, “but when watching it, they will definitely be able to look past it.”  

Freda said she thinks the “Rocky Horror Picture Show” is great for Halloween because it’s the time of year that you get to dress up and no one will judge you.  

It’s just so fun and so perfect,” she said.

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