Speaking the truth: English hangouts around Buffalo State

Sarah Schreiber, Reporter

With September on its way out and October quickly approaching comes the closing down of summer activities and changing of the leaves and weather. Outdoor patios are being closed for the season, and colleges are fully underway into the semester. The shortcoming arrival of a new month also comes the rise of many local English events that take place in or near SUNY Buffalo State’s backyard.

These events are free, as well as provide a great sense of inclusiveness. Whether you write just for fun or you have published prose or stories in the past, these events welcome all levels with open arms.

Many of the events are set to a schedule that either take place weekly, bi-weekly, or some that are once a month. Listed below are a few of my favorite English events that take place near Buffalo State: 

Gypsy Parlor

76 Grant St.

Every Tuesday, 8:00 p.m. 

Right in the heart of the West Side of Buffalo, the Gyspy Parlor offers a variety of events. The restaurant and bar are located in a very diverse neighborhood, proudly displaying a Bohemian backdrop guaranteed to make you feel as if you traveled to another country. Each day of the week offers events that interest everyone such as trivia, karaoke, and open mic poetry/tutu nights every single Tuesday. If you wear a tutu, Gyspy Parlor offers $2 drinks and pastelillos. 


Caffe Aroma

957 Elmwood Ave.

Every other Wednesday, 8:00 p.m. – 10:00 p.m. 

The next reading will take place on Wednesday, September 25th. 

Connected to the local Talking Leaves bookstore, Caffe Aroma truly offers the best of both worlds. Offering a variety of beverages from coffee, specialty drinks, signature cocktail blends, and a complete wine listing, there is something for everyone. 

“It’s a great night for all, and is cool to collectively see and hear all different levels of poets come together,” Event Host Nicholas Boyer says. “Whether you are there just for the event, or stopping in for a glass of wine, everyone is able to be in a non-judgmental space and hear some incredibly talented writing.” 

The photos, which are courtesy of Aaron Bobeck, were taken at a recent Open Mic Poetry Night at Caffe Aroma.



Daily Planet Coffee Company

1862 Hertel Ave.

Every Thursday, 7:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m. 

Take a 20-minute ride on the 32A with your free student NFTA metro pass and get to this coffee shop. Daily Planet is an open-concept coffee shop with wide windows and plenty of space perfect for relaxation, to spread out and do homework, or both. Whatever it is you may go to this one of a kind coffee shop, it offers great coffee with a simple, yet beautiful message saying, ‘Have a cup of coffee, and do something nice for the planet, daily!’ The open-mic night hosted by Christina Stock extends out to local area musicians, poets, and spoken word artists. 


Grindhaus Café, 160 Allen St.

2nd Friday of every month, 7:00 p.m. 

This poetry night is hosted by a local organization called Second Stage Writers who strive with the goal of welcoming all Buffalo poets. Grindhaus Café is locally-owned featuring many vegetarian and vegan food options. Grindhaus Café’s walls are filled with art and the aroma that surrounds features a sense of aliveness and charisma. 


The poetry readings listed above are just some of my favorites in the area! As the weather comes to a crisp, de-stress by grabbing your favorite sweater, bringing a notebook and a pencil and stopping by to one of these restaurants for a warm meal, a glass of wine and an opportunity to hear and see some of Buffalo’s greatest talents on display. 

For more information on local events such as these, visit www.justbuffalo.org