Homecoming recap: Students deemed King and Queen in Bengal Royalty Showcase


Brian Harrell / The Record

Students on stage in the Social Hall for the Bengal Royalty Showcase.

The Bengal Royalty showcase was a night of entertainment and elegance fit for the homecoming king and queen. The night, which started around 8 pm, was complete with music, gourmet finger sandwiches, and nonalcoholic champagne. After most of the peasantry (the student body) had taken their seats, the competition began. The two MC’s of the night were NAACP Vice President “Zay” and the Vice President of the Beta Sigma Cappa “Z”.

They introduced the contestants. “Moonie,” a criminal justice major from Brooklyn, NY. Brianna Elford, a wood and furniture major from Bridgeport LA, “AceASAPkeemoswifttheropydontyouforgetitprductionstouringsosamafiahaahaakerchinkBANG” industrial technology major from Brooklyn NY, and Tiffany Channer journalism and theater major from Brooklyn NY made up the contestants. Without further ado, the competition began.

The first round was SUNY Buffalo State trivia, which tested all royal suitors on their knowledge of the history of the campus. Questions include which of the buildings have been on campus the longest and their original uses and names of current administration members like the President and how many mascots SUNY Buffalo State has.

At the end of the round, a quick intermission took place and the first round of entertainment began. The crowd was treated to a high energy performance by the “Royal Rockettes” in all its impressive athleticism and glittery costuming.

Next was the second round or the talent portion of the homecoming competition. First up, Brianna, who painted a picture I wish I could paint once in my life in just thirty seconds. Moonie G read one of his poems he dedicated to a “very special person” in his life which from the sounds of the prose, was an ex-lover. Keemo performed a motivational skit encouraging his peers and underclassmen to stay in school and not try to be fake gangsters. Tiffany performed an emotional slam poem about having an abortion coupled with a narrative that led into a dance routine. All the contestants certainly showed out for this segment of the completion and just like that the next intermission was underway.

For the next intermission, the student body was offered an opportunity to volunteer as tribute for the lucky opportunity to stand on the very same stage as the candidates and compete for various prizes and gift bags. The first game dubbed “pop it” required four audience members to attempt to sit on as many balloons as possible in the time allotted and pop them, the one who popped the most got to take home a bag full of candy. The second game named “find it” found three audience members racing to rip as many tissues out of a box as fast as possible the first one with an empty tissue box was the victor. The third and final audience based competition, named “suck it” put two students head to head in a challenge to see who can suck as many skittles thru a straw and transfer them to another plate in thirty seconds.

After the student serfdom was finished competing for free food the real stars, the Buff State Royal suiters, took the stage again for a brief Q&A segment. After a night of glorious competition, it was clear whom the rightful airs to the Buffalo State crowns were. “Briana Elford” named our queen and “AceASAPkeemoswifttheropydontyouforgetitprductionstouringsosamafiahaahaakerchinkBANG” our king.

A parade is to be held the next day in their honor at 3:45 p.m.