REVIEW: Pre-Teen Nightmares come Alive in New Netflix Comedy

Netflix seems to do this kind of thing often. Similar to the first seasons of Stranger Things and Ozark, they dropped an unexpected show with little advertising and media attention and somehow… bam, magic on the screen. I think the way Netflix goes about funding and releasing their original content, (spending a lot and releasing entire shows all at once), plays into how shows like these and now, the focus of this review, Big Mouth burst onto the television scene as heavyweight contenders.

Big Mouth comes from the comedically twisted mind behind Kroll Show and plays Ruxin in FX’s The League, Nick Kroll and partner Andrew Goldberg. If you’re unfamiliar with Kroll than get familiar because he is one of the most interesting and absurd comedians working. Kroll isn’t the only big name behind the show and this is where Netflix’s big spending comes in because the voice acting cast includes some of the biggest names in comedy. John Mulaney, Jason Mantzoukas, Maya Rudolph, Fred Armisen, and Jordan Peele are just a few of the names included in this star studded cast. Not to mention, one episode cameos by the likes of Kristen Bell, Nathan Fillion, Rob Huebel, Jack McBrayer, Paul Scheer, Zach Woods, and Kristen Wiig. I could go on and on about this cast but that’s boring, so let’s get into the wonderfully raunchy and confusingly informative comedy this show provides.

Opening with a catchy intro song, Big Mouth is a 25-30 min animated show with a total of 10 episodes. With no knowledge of the show prior to clicking on the first episode, I really didn’t know what to expect. Shades of Comedy Central’s South Park and Adult Swim’s Rick and Morty are what drew me in. Big Mouth continues the string of adult animated comedies that reel you in with the absurd jokes but also somehow are able to touch on pressing issues and teach valuable lessons and in the case of this show, it’s puberty. Through the eyes of a group of middle schoolers, we relive every awkward moment of our pre-teens and every weird thought we could every think and almost always to the extreme. This show gracefully intertwines pressing concerns about growing up, sexual identity, divorce between parents, and many other things into an unforgiving, non stop laugh fest. With episode titles like “Everybody Bleeds”, “Am I Gay?”, and “Requiem for a Wet Dream”, Big Mouth stuns and makes you ask yourself, should I be watching this? I promise you the answer is an emphatic YES.

Now with all great shows  there are always some things that are a little spotty, as displayed in this show, nobody is perfect. For some, Jason Mantzoukas who voices Jay and many others, seems to have just transitioned the same type of character that he has been typecast as (an over the top foul mouthed lunatic) in other movies and TV to this show, but as a fan of his from The League, I think he stands out as one of the funniest characters in the show, but I can definitely see how it can get old or repetitive.

Now I’m going to warn you, this is not a show that is ok for kids under 13 to watch. Do not let little siblings walk in on you watching this show, like the main characters’ parents might walk in on them watching … well after watching the show you’ll know what they’re watching. Jokes aside, I absolutely recommend watching Netflix’s Big Mouth, in short binges with the door closed.

In times like these where horrifying events seem to happen every other day a good old fashioned sex joke can put a smile on your face and Netflix’s Big Mouth provides that smile.