Seinfeld’s concept of being about nothing can be applied to news about Donald Trump

Seinfeld’s concept of being about nothing can be applied to news about Donald Trump

Edwin J. Viera, Opinion Editor

Donald Trump is a hot topic for many people, but it also seems to be the only topic people can talk about. People still hang on his every word and wonder what the next thing that the media will discover that will bring him down.

However, the media doesn’t seem to have anything else to talk about. This doesn’t only apply to the news reporting political stories. Journalists seem to have a habit of getting repetitive about many different situations despite not having any new information about this. CNN and Fox News are notorious for doing something like. But, the look at it from the two ends of the political spectrum.

CNN takes and anti-Trump standpoint on certain issues but will run it for several hours on their network and ignore most other stories for the day. FOX News takes a pro-Trump standpoint but will again run the same story for a few days on end.

The other day I was looking through the Apple News app and wondered… what ever happened to fracking?

I really want to know if this issue ever got resolved or what are some of the continuous environmental ramifications are to the states that have fracking going on. Aside from that it was an unusual battery of health, fashion and nature advice articles. Those articles that usually have the headline “Find out what hiking trail your sign matches to”.

However, I have some trouble finding news articles that manage to stray away from social issues. In the last week, the one article I found that didn’t deal with current life was a review of the novel, “Dream of the Red Chamber”. It was a good article and actually made me reconsider just how I was getting my news.

The documentary, Digital Disconnect, directed by Robert McChesney shows that 48 percent of all Americans get their news from social media. I am one of the outliers in that statistic because I use an app called Flipboard to get my news or I actually buy a magazine or newspaper to

A few weeks ago, I got to thinking about how journalism has become repetitive where the only safe havens for potentially escaping the Trump fatigue some of us are starting to suffer from. One of my escapes for this is to re-watch sitcoms, and the one I decided to watch was Seinfeld.

Seinfeld is most well known for being “the show about nothing” and portraying certain aspects of everyday life. However, the idea of “the show about nothing” made me think about how journalism is slowly doing stories about nothing. The nothing in this case would be stories about Trump.

Much of what is considered journalism is more or less a ploy to keep people wanting to know what will be the next thing that could possibly get him impeached. That’s really what keeps people on the edge of their seats throughout the whole Trump-media circus; the notion that he could finally do something that will get him impeached. However, until that moment we will be stuck reading the battery of articles about Trump and how screwed this country really is.

Vanity Fair, which has risen into this stratum of journalism, does manage to mix some culture pieces in with their political stories but sometimes one outweighs the other. In their February 2018 issue, they published an article called, “Welch’s Grape Jelly with Alcohol: How Trump’s Horrific Wine Became the Ultimate Metaphor for His Presidency”. Needless to say, I found it extremely difficult to read this piece because; I was going through another article that lampooned Trump.

The article is a wine critique with attitude, a drink menu with a politic wit and nothing more. It doesn’t really make a reader feel like they just read something important. Rather, this article seemed like something that belonged in Page Six of The New York Post. It’s nothing but meaningless tabloid fodder. But people love the rush they get from feeling like Trump’s number might be up.

Something else I regret watching was the 60 Minutes; Stormy Daniels interview which was highly publicized because and even earned the rank of exclusive. Really? If that’s the case where was 60 Minutes interviewing some of the women abused by men in power which led to the #MeToo movement.

The fact that some people view her as empowering is a bit much because she didn’t do anything that other people haven’t. And people expected this to really shake up Donald Trump… guess again. Much like a cockroach, he can survive a while without his head.

Journalism is all about nothing now and I am really feeling guilty for participating in the media frenzy-surrounding trump. People love to hate him but the other thing to note is that if you look hard enough, you can find those articles that give people a break from reading the numerous stories about nothing.