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The Record reflects on the 2024 eclipse

Staff writer Antoine Lopez joins a crowd outside in New York City to catch a glimpse of the eclipse.
Antoine Lopez
Staff writer Antoine Lopez joins a crowd outside in New York City to catch a glimpse of the eclipse.

Millions of people collectively observed a once-in-a-lifetime phenomenon that took place on April 8.

Chances are, you’ll remember where you were. Were you cheering or speechless? Were you saying things out loud – and can you even remember what you said? Staff writers here at The Record share their personal experiences and pictures from the 2024 solar eclipse.

Antoine, Staff Writer
For the eclipse I was in New York City, because I had some friends who had arrived there from France and that was the only time I could spend time with them. We went to the World Trade Center. There was a large crowd, and people were looking up at the sky. A lot of people, mostly French, who heard me speaking with my friends began asking us where we found our glasses. I used that as an opportunity to flex and explain that I was a student at Buffalo State University on exchange. It did not get as dark as it did in Buffalo, but the weather was perfect, and we could see the eclipse very well.

Angela, President
In the days leading up to April 8 my friends and I were wired up with anticipation. But that turned into disappointment the day of, when we saw that the sky was covered in a thick blanket of grey. Determined to make the best of it, we packed into my Jeep and headed out to The Transit Drive-In for its eclipse event. As we sat in the lot wondering if we’d get to see it, pictures of the partial eclipse began popping up on social media from other parts of town. Frustrated, at 3 p.m. we left the lot and began speeding towards downtown Buffalo. We were on the thruway when it began to get dark. I was screaming with excitement “I’m freaking out!” Then, when I craned my neck towards the dashboard and looked above the car, I saw a break in the clouds and a sliver of the sun. I swiftly pulled over on the side of the road where we all got out of the car to take our pictures and videos. Ultimately, our location was not ideal, but we did get to see the second part of it, and I was with my very best friends, and for that I’ll be forever grateful.

Watching the eclipse on the side of the highway. (Angela Caico)

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Sol, Editor
My friends and I went to Delaware Park for eclipse day. The experience of being with my friends for it was cool. The fact that the clouds were so thick made it feel that much more important to get a glimpse of the eclipse every chance we got, and the few minutes it was dark was awesome! One of my friends climbed to the top of the arched bridge to try to get the best photos they could.

Devin, Staff Writer
I went by myself to the eclipse, but made quick acquaintances with the people are me who were also excited for the event. The union square had activities and music going on that garnered a bit of a crowd. The first thing I noticed was how it started to get colder, and as the moon began its shrouding of the sun, it began to get dark. The energy of people trying to get a peek in between the clouds with their eclipse glasses was building up, and the crowd broke into cheers and whistles when totality set over Buffalo State. People were taking photos and hugging each other, in awe of what they were seeing. Four minutes felt like four seconds and forever. When it became light again, the crowd cheered once more and began to disperse, but there was a general airiness and almost childlike wonder in the way people were carrying themselves. Despite the gloomy weather, it was an experience I will never forget.

Buffalo State Student Union during the eclipse. (Devin Hogan)

Matthew, Editor
I stood outside during the event and was excited about watching it become dark. Watching the birds flock due to the appearance of night was an intriguing sight. I will say that the eclipse wasn’t the most impressive thing as I was much more focused on the whole scene becoming dark; the streetlights turning on was great to see!

Janiyyah, Staff Writer
At first I didn’t care about the eclipse because everyone was talking about it. During the eclipse I was walking to the bus stop to go to work when the most beautiful thing ever happened. Everything around me was dark and it felt like time had frozen. Not to sound dramatic but, it feels like the eclipse has changed me and everyone else – hopefully for the better. Life is beautiful and if we don’t take time to appreciate it then we could miss out on special moments.

Friends watching the eclipse on campus. (Janiyyah Christopher)

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About the Contributors
Angela Caico
Angela Caico, President
Angela is a Journalism major, minoring in Leadership and Writing. When she's not working as an Uber driver, she enjoys spending time with her teenage daughter, cruising around the city in her Jeep Wrangler, or drinking wine with friends. She loves to try out a new restaurant each week (open to suggestions!) and she has a crazy obsession with The Rocky Horror Picture Show.
Devin Hogan
Devin Hogan, Staff writer
Devin Hogan is a Sociology student and a general fan of prose (and cons). When not trying to live her best Rory Gilmore life, you can find her making music, taking notes, or crying.
Janiyyah Christopher
Janiyyah Christopher, Staff Writer

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