Buffalo River Goes Wild for Two Legends


Keith Buckley of Every Time I Die looks out at the crowd during their sold out show with Taking Back Sunday and All Get Out (Photo by Chris Prenatt)

Last night at 301 Ohio St. in Buffalo, legendary emo group Taking Back Sunday and hometown heroes Every Time I Die performed to a sold out crowd right near the Buffalo River along with Texan emo four piece All Get Out. This was the final date of their summer tour. The show was originally planned to be held at the Waiting Room’s parking lot, but was later moved to the river due to the amount of tickets sold.

The show, hosted by 103.3 The Edge and After Dark Entertainment, opened its doors at 6. Food trucks, as well as a tent that served beer, wine, malt beverages, pop, Red Bull, and water were provided to the concert attendees.

All Get Out started off the event, playing for a half hour. While their set was short, it was filled with energy. Vocalist and guitarist Nathan Hussey sang his heart out throughout their whole set. At the very end of their set, the band deconstructed their equipment, with drummer Matt Prince slamming his cymbals and kick drum onto the stage.

Up next was local legends Every Time I Die. Formed in 1998, the Buffalo based band made up of vocalist Keith Buckley, guitarists Jordan Buckley and Andy Williams, bassist Stephen Micciche, and drummer Daniel Davison, are well known across the world for their interesting blend of metalcore, hardcore punk, and southern rock. They’ve released eight albums so far, with their newest album, Low Teens, dropping late last year on Epitaph Records (Bad Religion, Falling in Reverse, The World is a Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid to Die.) Every single time ETID performs in their hometown, the show, regardless if they’re headlining or not, sells out quickly.

ETID opened their set with “We’rewolf” and continued their 13 song set with classic hits (“Floater,” “The New Black,” “Underwater Bimbos from Outer Space”) and tracks from their new album Low Teens (“The Coin Has a Say,” “Fear and Trembling,” “Map Change.”) Throughout their 45 minute set, the crowd went ballistic during each song, with the mosh pit growing as each song went on. Things got so wild that I ended up getting kicked in the eye, only suffering with a cut under my left eye. At the end of their set, Keith told the crowd to crowd surf his brother, Jordan, all the way to the merch tent all the way near the exit, which, shockingly, they did.

Last on stage was the legendary Long Island emo group Taking Back Sunday. The band composed of vocalist Adam Lazzara, guitarist and keyboardist John Nolan, guitarist Eddie Reyes, bassist Shaun Cooper, and drummer Mark O’Connell, are well known for bringing in a new era of emo in the early 2000s with their famous debut album Tell All Your Friends. They just released their newest album Tidal Wave last year on Hopeless Records (Circa Survive, Hands Like Houses, ROAM.)

TBS opened with the title track from their new album, and played two other tracks from Tidal Wave, “Call Come Running” and “You Can’t Look Back.” The band also played several classic songs (“MakeDamnSure,” “A Decade Under the Influence, “Timberwolves at New Jersey,”) and modern hits (“Better Homes and Gardens,” “Tidal Wave,” “Flicker, Fade.”) Due to Buffalo’s curfew, the band put their two encore tracks “MakeDamnSure” and “Better Homes and Gardens” into their full act since they couldn’t walk offstage and return five minutes later while the crowd would chant “one more song.”

Before starting their cover of Green Day’s “She,” Lazzara told the crowd a personal story about how much the song means to him. Lazzara told the sold out venue that Green Day guitarist and lead vocalist Billie Joe Armstrong called Nolan on having TBS appear for a Spotify tribute album to Green Day. On why they chose “She,” Lazzara said it was because it was the song he would sing into his fridge’s reflective black plexiglass surface with a wooden spoon as a pretend microphone.

All three acts put on amazing shows. If you went to last night’s show, it’s obvious to see why ETID and TBS both have a legendary status and that All Get Out are a new force to be reckoned with in the emo scene.