EDITORIAL: New degree audit could have come at better time

Did you miss the March 3 deadline to print out your Degree Navigator information?

Then unfortunately you’re too late.

You can now start writing your “Thank you” card to the Registrar’s Office, which is responsible for the mid-semester change from the old system to DegreeWorks.

Earlier this week, DegreeWorks replaced Degree Navigator, the old degree audit.

Both undergraduate and graduate students, in addition to their advisers, are able to track courses, transfer credits and view graduation requirements.

The new system, which has been referred to as “user-friendly,” allows students to view upcoming sections, seats available in needed courses, use a  feature to see how completed courses could be applied to a different major or minor, an account of coursework sorted by semester, test scores and the ability to build educational plans by course for upcoming semesters.

Some of those on our staff have already used the new system and agree that it is user-friendly. This may be an upgrade, but why’s the change taking place halfway through the spring semester?

Students are about to enter crunch time before choosing their fall 2014 courses and some even will be double checking their information before graduation.

One can only hope the system works without any glitches. Otherwise, we can probably expect an influx of new @BuffStateProbz Tweets about scheduling strifes and graduation delays.

After you check out your new audit page, be sure to tell your fellow SUNY students, because eventually all 64 SUNY campuses will switch to the new system.