Sitting during the National Anthem is standing against racism

Jahnise Simpson, Staff Writer

Colin Kaepernick, the second-string quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers, created a whirl of chaos when he chose to sit during the national anthem. Although he sat during the anthem at two previous preseason games, he was not noticed until the third game on Aug. 26.

Kaepernick sat down during the singing of the National Anthem and caught the eyes of many spectators. As he sat, he nonverbally stood up against a country that does not stand up for people who look like him. He chose to sit while others stood to prove his point.

Kaepernick pledges his allegiance to influencing change against the massacre of African Americans and other minorities. Many African-American lives have been lost due to police brutality; those who have sworn to protect and serve have slaughtered innocent people. Eric Garner could not breathe, Trayvon Martin could not walk with Skittles and an Arizona Iced Tea, Tamir Rice could not play with a toy gun, Kimani Gray could not stand outside of his Brooklyn home and Oscar Grant could not make it through New Year’s Day.

As the police continue their hunting spree of black males – confident that the law will be their pillow, which will allow them to sleep at night – more black men are dying by the bullets of guns that have been labeled “For Colored People.”

Kaepernick has been slandered by black radio host Charlamagne who refers to people who do idiotic things as the “Donkey of the Day.” Trent Dilfer, a former NFL quarterback, argues that Kaepernick was selfish because he put his passion for police brutality above his team. Critics have said that there is a right place and a right time to show passion for an issue, but before a football game is not one of them.

Kaepernick sits firmly on the bench with his afro picked as he finds a way to incorporate his passion for football with his passion for justice. He no longer sits alone. He sits with those who have taken knees and raise their fists during the anthem. He sits with me, and my full support as he continues this wonderful movement. He challenges everyone who is anyone to make a stance on what is going wrong in this country.

Black Lives Matter is a movement that rallies at the sight of another name filling the space after the words “rest in peace.” Peaceful protests are organized in attempts to illustrate that, although Jim Crow Laws have been abolished, socially, we are still in 1965 United States of America. Many athletes, such as LeBron James, have been criticized for their silence as they continue to remain silent and pledge allegiance to a flag of a country that would send someone who brutalizes an animal to jail faster than they will have trial for the police officer that exterminates another black man.

Kaepernick has donated money to black institutions, and displays his passion for helping the black community. Risking his career shows his mind, heart and soul is embedded in change. Kaepernick’s courage shows that this is indeed the home of the brave.

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