Casting Hall’s Musical, ‘Pippin’ opens this Thursday

Hannah McMahon, Treasurer

Buffalo State’s Casting Hall’s production of “Pippin” is opening this Thursday, October 14 in Upton Hall in the Warren Enters theater.

The cast of Pippin has been working on this musical since August and has put in an immense amount of work especially in the recent weeks leading up to opening night.

“Pippin” is a coming of age musical adapted from the play “Everyman.” It is a show within a show, where the cast is constantly breaking the fourth wall and interacting with the audience.

The musical is heartfelt with a good mix of comedy and whimsical dance numbers. The story follows a young man, Pippin played by Jake Grear, in his journey to find the meaning of life.

The story begins with Pippin graduating from school and looking for a way to fulfill his life.

His search to find a purpose takes him through a crazy journey, through war, murder and a short stint as king. As with many other coming of age stories, his journey becomes all the more confusing once he discovers love and is introduced to the simpler things in life.

Starting this Thursday you can come with Pippin on his journey to navigate life, love and everything in between.

In talking to the cast and crew it is clear that everyone involved has put in so much work and time into this fantastical production and can’t wait to share this masterpiece with the public.

Grear described Pippin as, “difficult, exhilarating, and magical.” With a small cast of 10 students, this show is a true collaboration of passion and dedication.

The songs are heartfelt and catchy and Pippin is, “the best sounding musical in 17 years” according to associate music professor Dr. Ho Eui H. Bewlay.

The crew as well is full of talent and the musical is full of innovative light and sound design.

Pippin’s story resonates well with a college audience as students can relate to his struggle to find a purpose in life.

This musical’s message is to “not worry about the story’s finale, but the process and everything that happens in between,” cast member Jim Santowoski said.

Buffalo state students can purchase tickets for $8 with a student ID here. The show will be running for the next two weeks every Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Do yourself a favor and catch one of these shows because they’ve got magic to do just for you.