Defense classes could bring peace of mind

Lucy Lopez, Culture Editor

About 1,000 Law & Order: SVU episodes later, I’d like to think I’d be prepared if I were ever a victim of an attack.

In reality? Not so much. After hearing about the string of attacks in the Elmwood area, I was terrified. My first thought was, “I’m there every day… And usually alone.”

One night, I was driving down to Cecelia’s and having a panic attack about walking alone to meet up with people there. I made it a point to park in the same area as my friend and walk together. Luckily I was fine, but the day after, I found out a girl was robbed at gunpoint nearby that same night.

I got to thinking. What if I had been alone? I wondered where on Elmwood that girl was when she was robbed and what time. Would two girls still be a target anyway?

Violence is ruthless. You can’t predict what anyone is going to do; you can only plan your actions. Most of the time I’m assuming there is nothing you can really do to prevent it.

That’s why I’ve decided, maybe it’s a good idea to go to a self-defense class on campus and see what it’s all about. If crime stays prominent in this area I want to at least have an idea of what to do next.

There’s nothing worse than feeling helpless, feeling like you have no power left. With the help of an instructor I’m hoping to walk out of there feeling like I could make Olivia Benson of Law & Order: SVU proud.

Until then, I’ll have the panic button on my car keys in my hand when I’m walking at night.


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