Textbooks stolen during office break-in in Classroom Building


Francesca Bond

Dr. Thomas Weinberg’s office window covered in cardboard after being broken over the holiday weekend.

Dr. Thomas Weinberg, sociology professor at SUNY Buffalo State, found his office window smashed and a few textbooks missing from inside this morning.

When Dr. Weinberg got to campus around 7:30 am, he noticed the window on the door of his third floor office in the Classroom Building had been broken and was covered with cardboard. When he entered his office, he found broken glass, pictures and decorations on the floor and his desk had been rummaged through.

“No money was taken,” Weinberg said. “Then I noticed that the two books that I got from the publisher that I’m using in my introduction class were missing.”

Weinberg found that two copies of Introduction to Sociology by George Ritzer were missing from an open cardboard box behind his desk. These textbooks are valued at around $100 each.

Dr. Ron Stewart, a sociology professor with an office near Weinberg’s, told Weinberg that he had been to campus yesterday and did not notice Weinberg’s office window was shattered. Weinberg thinks this must have happened last night. School was not in session Monday or Tuesday due to Columbus Day.

The University Police Department is still investigating this case.