Campus safety remains a big concern mid-semester

Johnathan Ciolek, Reporter

Crime has plagued Buffalo State students this semester and has brought many questions about safety. The answer to how to stay safe is simple but requires students to follow the suggested actions, according to the University Police Department. 

In compliance with the federal Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act of 1998, students have been notified of the several crimes that have taken place on or around campus so far this semester. 

According to University Police, a knifepoint robbery, several armed robberies, and attempted armed robbery, along with a fight with gunshots fired have all been reported to students. 

University Chief of Police Peter M. Carey commented on all the recent crimes and where they have taken place. 

“The knifepoint robbery that occurred near Rockwell Hall did occur on campus,” Carey said. “The others were not on campus. They occurred within the city of Buffalo, but they did not happen on campus.”

The majority of the robberies have been crimes of opportunity according to Carey. Because of this, it is important for students to not put themselves in a situation where they will provide opportunities to criminals. 

Student safety is very important and Carey suggested some ways students can remain safe while on campus, especially late at night.

“[Students] can use the shuttle services or they can get an escort,” Carey said. “When they are walking around campus, don’t be fixated on your phone, take the earbuds out of your ears, walk with a purpose…you can leave your phone in your pocket for five minutes.”

On the University Police website, students have access to various resources, such as the campus shuttle map and the blue light phone map. In addition, students have access to the annual security report which has safety measures and procedures for students and faculty. 

Students also have access to walking escorts according to Carey. Any student who does not feel safe is free to contact a nearby University Police officer to escort them if other services are not available. 

Carey also discussed who to call when reporting a crime to ensure appropriate response time. 

“If something happens off-campus, [students] should call 9-1-1 because that is the city of Buffalo,” Carey said. “When you are on campus, you need to call University Police. If someone on campus needs assistance and they call 9-1-1, it delays our response because Eric County 9-1-1 then has to transfer the call to University Police.”

In regards to all the recent activity, University Police is actively investigating all the incidents and are making progress with some. 

According to the University Police website, “University Police has arrested a 21-year-old commuter student who fired gunshots during a fight on campus September 29 near the intersection of Rockwell Road and Rees Street…Recent off-campus incidents also remain under active and aggressive investigation by the City of Buffalo Police with assistance from University Police. Buffalo Police has increased patrols in areas adjacent to campus.”

Students who have any information on the recent incidents are encouraged to call the Buffalo Police confidential TIPCALL Line at (716) 847-2255, Text a Tip to Buffalo Police at (716) 847-2255, or contact UPD. 

Anyone with any other questions or concerns about general safety is free to go to the University Police website or visit University Police in Chase Hall.