The Facebook paradox

Letter to the Editor

To the editor:

I’ve been giving some thought lately about shutting off my Facebook account. I can’t believe it took me this long to realize this: there really isn’t anything to see on here. It’s all the same recycled bulls***; insipid memes, boring animal videos, horse s*** trivia, bumper-sticker political views, polarizing news stories with no purpose other than to incite comment section pissing contests, mundane “relatable” and “relationship advice” trash, “words of wisdom” from celebrities and other famous people that have less of a claim to wisdom than the tools misquoting them, desperate cries for attention from the admins of those long-forgotten fan pages that you liked hundreds of back in the day and hyperbolic clickbait headlines that take you to inane list articles which don’t even come close to delivering what the headline promised and usually contains one or any combination of the things listed above.

This website is a paradox. It gives everyone a box to stand on, an audience of up to a few thousand and a megaphone that you can make a little bit louder for a fee. It lets you transmit images, text, video and sound to people all across the world. For f***’s sake, it spies on its users to enable you to hand select an audience with whom your posts will resonate most. And yet it is a vacuum environment to creativity. The primary medium of expression here is the creativity of other people.


Brendan Breitner

Philosophy Major