Buffalo State Rowing Club pushes hard for new student members


Elijah Robinson

Rowing boats waiting for new recruits at West Side Rowing Club, Buffalo

Elijah Robinson, Opinion Editor

The Buffalo State Rowing Club are recruiting new members.

Rowing club Vice President Chris Jackson says they are having trouble with getting new students to join.

“We need more exposure. COVID threw a wrench through everything when it comes to recruiting,” Jackson said.

Coach Jim Schaab’s father founded the first boathouse 55 years ago.

“Every year up to when a fire destroyed the boathouse and shells, we won at least one race class in the New York State Small College Championship,” Schaab said.

The original boathouse, also named West Side Rowing Club, burned down in 1975.

The Buffalo State Rowing Club currently holds titles in freshmen 4+ & 8 oared race, junior varsity 4+ & 8 oared race.

Their current recruiting efforts, such as setting up tables during Bengal Pause has shown some promise.

“We just go and sit on campus at a table. We got a couple students,” said Jacob Rhodes, who joined the rowing club in September.

One of the ways the club tries to appeal to students is by touting the physical and social benefits of the sport.

“Just getting up in the morning and be out on the water and outside with people,” said Rhodes.

The club members also guarantee new recruits will learn the skill of adaptation, and teamwork.

“You gotta be flexible, adapt and change because every time you’re on the water is not gonna be the same,” said Jackson.

Rowing is disadvantaged as it is not as well known as other college sports.

“It’s not as well known. It’s rowing. You don’t think about it,” Jackson said.

Rowing club President Juliana Quebral acknowledged the organization is struggling in certain areas.

“Something we struggle with is adequate funding and therefore access to equipment, competitions,” said Quebral.

The members want each prospective member to know that everyone is welcome, and no experience is required.

“Do not be scared to ask questions, don’t be afraid to give it a shot,” said Jackson.

Club Secretary Bailey Brouillard believes once students get involved, they’ll never want to leave.

“Once you get here and you try it, you’ll just keep coming because it’s a lot of fun,” Brouillard said.


*4+ refers to four people in a boat with a coxswain,  one person steering

*8+ refers to eight people in a boat with a coxswain, one person steering