Student Life Office to host first annual ‘Sex Week’


Joel Hopkins, Opinion Editor

The Buffalo State Student Life Office will be hosting the first annual “Sex Week,” starting on April 3 and running until April 7.

Fatima Henry, president of You Are My Sista and vice president of the African American Student Organization said the week will consist of programs ranging all sorts of relationship and sex-related topics.

“This week we explore love, we explore sex, we explore health, intimacy and relationships. We talk about how sexuality is manifested in America,” Henry said.

Events will include a program on LGBT and trans-health, seminars on men and women’s health, an open mic, programs about dating apps, workplace harassment, sexual assault victims in relationships, body and slut-shaming, marriage equality, interracial relationships and racial and sexual stereotypes.

“And we’re ending the week with free HIV testing,” Henry said.

Several different campus groups are going to participate in Sex Week, including multiple fraternities and sororities, You Are My Sista, the Residence Life Office, the Equity and Diversity Office, the Weigel Health Center and many more.

“Different people will get to experience a conversation we should all be having,” Henry said.

The events will range in time and location, and are available to all students — residential and commuters. The list of events can be found here.

“I think this is important because all students are having sex,” Henry said, “I think this is an opportunity for people to better understand sex education by using creative and new ideas.”

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