Coyer Field to receive track improvements for first time in over a decade

Donte’ Hemmans-Murdock, Reporter

In the near future, several components of SUNY Buffalo State’s Coyer Field will be renovated. There have been hopes for renovations for a while now, but actions will most likely be taken in the 2017 fall semester.

These updates have been previously discussed, and the athletic department said they will be finished by the next academic school year. The renovations will include the lights that surround the field, as well as improvements made to the track and field itself. There will be no changes to the football field.

“I don’t want to start talking about it because when you start talking about things like this they never get done,” said Jerry Boyes, athletic director and football head coach.

Coyer Field was made during the 1960’s, and is used for many of Buffalo State’s sports. These sports include football, men’s and women’s soccer, women’s lacrosse, and men’s and women’s outdoor track and field. Due to its constant use, it is difficult to imagine that the field can go without any renovations over the course of time.

“It’s in pretty rough shape, but the turf on the inside of the field is a nice touch,”said Ronni Kordrupel, sophomore dietetics major. “Let’s just say, you know that both of the tracks are outdated when your coach ran on that same track when he was an athlete himself.”

The new updates will focus primarily on the track and field, mainly toward the field component of the sport. Specifically, repairs will go towards the long jump, triple jump, pole-vaults, runaway, and pits.

“They are in okay condition, but still needs to be repaired,” said Boyes. “Even though they are in okay condition the parts that needed to be repaired has to meet NCAA standards.”

Although the field component for the track and field sport has not been up to par, there have not been any serious injuries because of the field’s condition. Athletes are able to practice and perform on the field without being unsettled, or having concern about the current situation of the field. Nevertheless, the NCAA does not go according to athletes’ opinions, but on the technicality and condition of the field.

“The year 2000 was the last time the runaways were updated for track and field. Wear and tear is the reasons for the new updates,” Boyes said.

There are no cost estimates of these updates due to the process and rate at which things are going. The addition of lights open possibilities for night games next fall. Follow The Record for the latest updates about Coyer Field improvements and other news.


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