Director of Student Life fighting ‘probs’ by helping give ‘props’

Terra Harter, Reporter

We’ve all heard of “#BuffStateProbs,” but what about a twist on that idea to reflect the positive traits of Buffalo State?

Director of Student Life, Sarah Young, successfully accomplished that with her website titled “BuffStateProps.”

Within this website, you are able to show acknowledgment using a short, kind summary towards fellow students or staff members on campus.

You are given the choice of linking your Twitter handle or submitting anonymously. After that comes the fun stuff. You then choose whether you and the person you are commenting about are a student, staff or faculty member.

Young also provides a drop-bar of adjectives to describe the person you are speaking about such as “kryptonian,” “legendary,” or even “badass” and a small text box for a short, sweet explanation on why you chose to write about this person.

The idea behind this was to provide an outlet to show appreciation to small acts of kindness towards people rather than only talking about the negative “probs” of campus.

“It’s a way to thank people who went above and beyond, whether it was a student, staff or faculty,” Young said. “I’m hoping to give people a place to give people a more positive outlook. Where is that currently that you could do that? And most schools don’t do that.”

But this hasn’t been the first time Young gave students the opportunity to show gratitude to others. In November, she coordinated “A Thousand Thanks in Giving” in partnership with the Newman Center.

“During the Thanksgiving time, we print out cards that we give around or students can hand-write cards,” Young said. “BuffStateProps is just an alternative way to do that online. We are trying to give students who are mostly living in an online world the chance to do that without having to write a hand-written note.

“And to be able to do it anonymously, which as we know students may have a hard time coming face to face with somebody and saying thank you, so this is a way for them to do it without that.”

Young has only had her website up for a brief period of time, but hopes that students will gain more information about it via hand-made posters in resident halls and word of mouth.

If you would like to participate in this positive movement, you can visit the website or even scroll through the Doolli “wall” to view some of the kind comments that students have already written as inspiration.

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