Roar in 4 to help students graduate in four years

Joseph Morganti, Reporter

SUNY Buffalo State President Katherine Conway-Turner announced plans for a new program that helps make sure students will graduate on time.

“Roar in 4” is a new program that guarantees incoming full-time freshmen that they will be able to take the courses they need to complete a Bachelor’s degree within four years.

Starting in fall 2016, full-time freshmen who enroll at the Buffalo State will automatically be eligible for the Roar in 4 guarantee.

To remain eligible, students must plan out an academic plan of 120 credit hours or fewer while also successfully completing 15-18 credits each semester (fall and spring), and enroll in summer sessions or the January term if their credits fall below 15 credits during a fall or spring semester. They must take elective courses every semester until requirements are completed, accept responsibility for their course selection, and also apply for graduation by the stated deadline.

If a major-required course is not available during a student’s fourth year of college, (if all requirements have been met) Buffalo State will then cover the tuition and expenses of taking that class next semester. Roar in 4 will also include monitoring tools for students and their degree programs.

“I think it’s a pretty good system to help students who need a guideline for college, because I know some friends who have a hard time creating their own schedules,” Delshawn Wray, a freshman at Buffalo State, said about Roar in 4. “Especially the people who are almost done with school who are trying to finish their requirements.”

To ensure the four-year program, Buffalo State pledges to notify students of upcoming registration dates and times, and publish major and graduation requirements in the college catalog, while also providing academic advisors specifically for the Roar in 4 students.

“Students are at the center of all we do at Buffalo State College,” Buffalo State President

Katherine Conway-Turner told News and Events. “The new Roar in 4 program is our commitment to future Bengals and their families that the college will provide an affordable and clear path to earning a degree in four years and toward a promising future.”

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