USG reps aim for changes in fall


USG President Derek Jorden has been placed under review.

Maris Lambie, Staff Writer

As the new school year approaches, SUNY Buffalo State’s United Students Government are wrapping up their plans for the semester.

“USG is so excited about this new year,” USG president Derek Jorden said. “We have a bunch of new faces that are very eager to make students’ experiences here at Buffalo State the best.”

Over the summer, USG members have been working hard to bring new things to the campus and have been listening to what the students want to see happen.

“Yes, the students have spoke and we have listened,” said Jorden. “And we are not done, we are truly asking students what they want and we want them to keep emailing and calling us asking what we can bring and change on campus.”

“There is so much new things that we are working on, it is too much to post in one article,” said Jorden. “All we can ensure is that it is going to be great. We have things such as a new Bengal Connect, an app called Corq that tells you of all of the clubs events on campus.”

“USG is planning on bring new campus activities and not the same things students are used to,” said USG Vice President Emily Leminger. “We’re working towards more interesting programs that students are asking for.”

“We’ve already made a lot of changes this year. We’re looking forward to working more with our organizations and our students, as well as making USG more accessible to the student body,” Leminger said. “We want every student to know that our purpose is to serve and support them, we work for you. We’re trying to make our mascot, Grant, more present, and really put ourselves out there as a supportive body.”

USG has also been planning the events for students when they return.

“You can look forward to new events during homecoming, orientation, and much more during the fall,” Leminger said. “We’re trying to keep it a surprise, but it’s sure to be exciting.”

Some events include a Welcome Bash for students during orientation and a Labor Day parade.

“Also, we will be doing the Carnival, a student body favorite during homecoming and possibly a show for National Hispanic Heritage Month with Maria Costa,” Leminger said. “Students should look out for our name on a lot of flyers,” said Jorden, “Our e-board has been working very hard over the summer to bring quality over quantity. It’s going to be amazing.”

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