Food for thought: The Best places to eat around town


Elmwood Tacos and Subs is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year.

Najee Walker, Associate News Editor

Aside from grades, there is one thing that is constantly on the minds of all students: food. From freshman to senior year, food is always a high priority for students. Sometimes, students need an escape from on-campus food. Other times, students want to try something new on campus. Of the places there are to eat on and off campus, there are many different varieties.

For on-campus eats, Subway, which was added to the roster of places to eat on campus in 2012, is one of the top go-to places for a quick, convenient, and cheap meal. A close second, the Train Grill, is one of SUNY Buffalo State’s original restaurant concepts.

Late-night food is ever present on the mind of the student who has a late night at work, or a late study night, or perhaps they simply forgot to eat for the night. 2.mato, known to most students as “the pizza place” has a late night menu. Pizza, wings, and sometimes onion rings and other items can be purchased after 9 p.m.

As far as favorites on campus go, these are the three places that students flock to the most.

For students who are from out of town and looking to try a taste of what Buffalo has to offer, visiting these restaurants is a good way to learn more about the city.

Daniel Flynn, a senior history major at Buffalo State, likes to do a bit of traveling and goes to a restaurant known as Kalypso, located on Winspear Ave. and Main St.

Although Kalypso is located a bit closer to Medaille College and the University at Buffalo, Flynn — who has the luxury of a car — says that it is worth the trip for a quality meal, with huge portions at very nice prices to the customer. Kalypso offers Jamaican-style favorites like jerk chicken, curry goat, oxtails, and even combo dishes that include these favorites along with coconut rice, beans, and a vinegar-based slaw.

For places a little closer to campus, hospitality major and graduate, Jessica Ostrowski, says that her favorite places to visit were Cole’s and Pano’s.

Cole’s is found on Elmwood Ave., right around the block from campus. It is a restaurant during the day, and more of a bar scene at night, though most will agree that Cole’s has some of the best bar food you can get. Ostrowski agrees. Many people love the beef on weck and say that if you have never tried it before, now is your chance.

Pano’s can be a little more expensive when it comes to being a college student. Regardless, it is a good way to spend time with friends, enjoy good food, and a good atmosphere. Especially during the few warmer months of the school year. Pano’s is located on Elmwood as well, and most students say it is a treat for you and your friends after a test, or a final good meal during the last few weeks of classes. Or even better: Your first great meal during the starting weeks of classes.

Its chicken parm dish is one of the best around.

While those three off-campus restaurants are mega popular, there are many other options.

Looking for some of the finest sushi in town? Kuni’s is your answer.

Buffalo’s best Japanese-style sushi establishment features other food, too. Salmon skin rolls, eel and avocado, ankimo (monkfish liver), fried octopus and tonkatsu are some of the top options, among others.

Elmwood Taco and Subs, also known as ETS to its loyal customers, is a perfect midnight snack option. It’s a little expensive; don’t expect to spend less than $8 on a Mexican dish and drink. ETS has been a late-night burrito destination for 40 years.

Although it’s not a unique option for Western New York, Jim’s Steakout on Elmwood gives consumers cheap offerings and it’s almost always open (10:30 a.m. to 5 a.m.).

The pizza choices are loaded. La Nova, Franco’s, Gino’s, Joe’s, Mister Pizza, Casa-di-Pizza are all solid options.

The Blue Monk, Papa Jakes, Acropolis OPA (Greek), Café Aroma, Great Wall (Chinese) and India Gate (Indian) are good eats, too.

However, a popular bar and eatery will not be serving on Elmwood anymore — JP Bullfeathers. The restaurant, which has been a staple on Elmwood since the 1970s, has closed and is in the process of being sold.

Whatever your flavor, both on and off campus dining is readily available and at some fairly good prices for a college student. Grab some friends and head out for an afternoon and check out what campus — or the city surrounding campus — has to offer.

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