Fashion student wins national scholarship

Najee Walker, Reporter

A SUNY Buffalo State junior fashion design major was given the opportunity of a lifetime when he recieved word that he was the honored recipient of the Geoffrey Beene National Scholarship of $5,000.

That lucky student was Jose Moscoso, and on Jan. 7, he experienced a night he will likely never forget. Moscoso, along with Lynn Boorady, chair of the fashion and textile technology department, flew to New York City, for a chance to meet with the finest men and women of the fashion industry.

The Fashion Scholarship Fund (FSF) picks students every year to recieve the Geoffrey Beene National Scholarship. FSF invests in the students they pick as much as the students invest their time and effort into bringing their ideas and work to the front of this extremely competitive contest. Students who enter for this particular scholarship are required to complete a ten-page case study, focusing on business or design of a particular topic or company. The company this year was Lululemon, a company who specializes in yoga apparel. The company was picked due to having unsucessful years in the past, and a need to rise up once more.

Students were asked to develop ideas and designs based on how to market Lululemon and present it to consumers. Furthermore, they were asked to analyze Lululemon against competing companies. After all this hard work was done, the case studies were reviewed by panels of industry professionals. About 440 studies were submitted this year, and Jose Moscoso’s came out on top.

“I was in shock,” Moscoso said. “When I got the e-mail, I was so excited. I was jumping around and called my mom and dad and friends to thell them I had won.”

Moscoso had first noticed the contest in 2013, but because of the amount of time and work that had to be done, was discouraged and decided not to enter.

“I didn’t think I was ready,” he said.

However, when Lynn Boorady approached Moscoso and asked if he was entering, as well as offered him support and assistance, Moscoso finally entered.

Often giving up his social life for working on this project, Moscoso worked endlessly. Balancing work, the project and school proved to be difficult.

“I remember on Halloween, everyone was begging me to go out,” he said.

There were times where he felt that even his school work was suffering at the hands of this competition. Still, Moscoso pulled through with the help of family, friends, co-workers and the faculty in the fashion department.

Proving to be inspiring to Moscoso, Boorady helped Moscoso to reach a level of potential that he had never thought possible.

“I believe Jose’s [case study] stood out because he was very thorough in meeting the requirements and he has a very good design vision,” Boorady said. “Jose went to all his professors to ask questions based on their area of expertise. We believe this is one of the reasons he did so well.”

Two years ago, two students, Lucile Ragot and Kelsey Bashore, won the same competition Moscoso entered. Last year, Catriona Buchanon won. Boorady encourages other fashion students take the initiative, like Mosocoso and his peers did, and enter scholarships like this.

“This is an incredible opportunity for all fashion students,” Boorady said. “Not only do you have a chance to win $5,000, but winners are also paired with an industry mentor and have special internship opportunities.

Boorady went on to mention that some students who do not win may see some kind of opportunity arise. The YMA FSF has recieved calls from companies asking about students who entered the contest but did not win.

“One of our students was flown to New York City for an interview and landed a coveted New York City internship,” said Boorady.

Moscoso is grateful to Boorady and other faculty members who he has worked closely with to achieve his goal. He hopes to use the money he won to buy more supplies for his work in school, and to help him with some projects he has in mind for a senior collection.

“I undoubtedly believe now that my hard work is finally paying off.”

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