Connections leading to success


Top left: Matt Bové, Top right: Sal Capaccio, Left middle: Mike Schopp and Chris Parker aka Bulldog, Right second: Brian Koziol, Right third: Ashley Rowe and Matt Bové, Bottom left: Katie Morse and Ed Drantch, Bottom right: Melissa Holmes

Evan DiPasquale, Staff Writer

If you ever look for success in what you want to pursue, have a good resume, have good grades and even work with the materials that you will be using for your career.

All of that is nice but what can really get you ahead in any career field is by knowing someone in the field you want to pursue. Having someone that is on the inside is like when you know a friend that’s inside a cool party and helps you get in.

There are many ways to get your foot in the door. One of the easiest ways to do that is by getting an internship.

Most if not all college students take an internship in their suggested field. It’s good to have the 4.0 GPA but what a lot of employers care about is the work you did.

When taking an internship, you have put more than a foot in the door, you have put yourself out there for the employer you’re working for as well as other employers.

Getting an internship also gives you the experience to where you can make yourself into a more well-rounded candidate for other jobs.

Another way to be able to get your connections is through your school. As a journalism major, teachers always know someone.

My first person to come into contact in the study of my choice happened to be my high school teacher Brian Koziol of WGR 550. As well as my mass media teacher who introduced me to Melissa Holmes from Channel 2 WGRZ. It all started when I ended up shadowing Holmes for a day while helping her with her weekly good neighbor’s segment. I also shadowed Koziol seeing what he does after, of course, a Sabres loss.

Always take the opportunity when it presents itself to you. Never say no to anything.

When I was still in high school, I got the opportunity along with my fellow classmates to be interviewed by Channel 7 WKBW in Buffalo.

Our morning announcements were done as a live broadcast that we would show all over the school. This prompted me to get the information of the guy who interviewed us, Matt Bove. I also shadowed him for a day as well. Learning how to piece together an interview along with putting in the log for subtitles.

There are also times where you end up in the right place at the right time. Since I work at a famous restaurant in Buffalo, Ted’s Hot Dogs, people who are in the field of work that I am pursuing make an appearance to get food.

Howard Simon, Sal Capaccio, Mike Schopp and Chris Parker aka Bulldog are people that I have met while on the clock. It never hurts to ask them for your contact information. If you have stuff you would like to show to your mentors, they can show you how to improve your work to make you even better.

With all these places that I have met people that work in the journalism business the biggest place to reach out, is social media. When there are people that you know are a big part of your career path reaching out through social media is a great place to go.

I reached out to Jeremy White from WGR 550 and it translated into being able to show him my work as well as meeting his coworkers like Brayton Wilson, who helped me get in closer contact with Sal Capaccio for an article called “COVID-19 Changes how the Media Reports”.

I have met Ed Drantch and Katie Morse from WKBW through social media and ended up shadowing them too. When you tell them that you are interested in the field they are in, it will get them excited because it’s the next generation of journalists, doctors or teachers which will keep the industry alive in the future.

People in the field are very willing to help others becomes successful. It is always a good thing to tell them that you want to go into the field that they are in.

There has to be passion in what you want to do and that’s what will drive you to want to stay in touch with these people. It doesn’t have to be just people who are pursuing a degree in communications. It can be anything that you want to do.

There are many ways to having success in your career choice and having a lot of social branching. Everyone knows someone and you can end up being that someone who is in the field grooming the next generation.