Heavy academic consequences for not taking Covid-19 seriously


Angela Caico, Staff Writer

Effective October 1st, you could find yourself suspended – or worse – if you choose not to follow the recommended actions on and off campus regarding the pandemic.

SUNY Chancellor James Malatras released the following sanctions to ensure students are maintaining public health safety guidelines;

Every student should be familiar by now with the Campus Symptoms Tracker that is required to be completed every day you are on campus. Once completed, it should reflect a green circle. This circle is needed in order to enter certain buildings and attend classes.

If you fail to complete this for at least 3 consecutive days, without sufficient excuse, disciplinary action will be taken which may include interim suspension, deactivation of your card access or access to any buildings. Furthermore, your parking privileges may be revoked, which means you may be ticketed or towed for parking on campus.

Other restricted activities, once found responsible after due process, may result in suspension for no less than one calendar year, refusal to release transcripts to other colleges during the pendency of your sanction, fines, criminal prosecution, or referral to relevant government agencies. You also remain responsible for any outstanding tuition and fees without refund. These activities include:

Intentionally infecting other students while positive

Failure to self-isolate or quarantine as directed

Hosting or attending gatherings on or off campus that violate or exceeds campus housing policy and/or the current limitation published by the institution, Executive Order, or the State or local Department of Health

Failure to wear face masks or engage in social distancing

Failure to comply with contact tracing or campus health protocols

Refusal to participate in random pool testing

Repercussions for student athletes and student organizations go a step further. Eligibility, privileges recognition, and leadership roles may be revoked.

Although these new stipulations may seem harsh, the reality is that when you contribute in some way to compromising even just one person – there is no limit to how far that infection can spread.

Remember -this isn’t permanent! The more we hold ourselves accountable in the present, the quicker we can all get back to normal.

If you wish to report any violations or Covid-19 concerns you can do so by filling out a Care Report Form at