USG Election dispute resolved, Cicatello named president


Photo by Yomira Meregildo

Francis Boeck, Managing/Sports Editor

The controversy surrounding the United Students’ Government (USG) presidential election and the Judicial Council’s handling of a grievance filed about it appears to have come to a close. Runner-up Joseph Cicatello has been officially awarded the presidency.

In a statement made on Wednesday by Chief Justice Alyssia King, in regards to the situation involving an election grievance filed against presidential candidate Kevin Ameyaw and the circumstances surrounding it, King says, “…the Judicial Council maintains its decision and verdict in all regards as it concerns to Kevin Ameyaw and the numerous violations of the USG Election Rules…”.

Therefore, Ameyaw remains disqualified from running and Cicatello will serve as USG president, starting next semester.

Current USG President Monique Maxwell confirmed this and did not dispute any part of King’s statement.

In her statement, King maintains that the council issued the verdict on the election grievance in a timely matter. The full grievance was filed on March 13 according to King. The original grievance against Ameyaw charged him and his associates with breaking several of Candidate Election Rules and Procedures; in regards to posting campaign materials without approval and filing a false campaign spending report.

The grievance was filed outside of King’s office hours and Maxwell advised King that she was under no obligation to respond to it until her office hours. King has since added office hours on Wednesdays and now checks her email at home.

According to King, Assistant Chief Justice Francis Malone made the decision to rescind the verdict and email Ameyaw that the grievance was dismissed “…unilaterally” and “without any permission or authority…”.

King also said the Ameyaw was still given a full 48 hours to appeal after the verdict was sent to him on March 21.

Last Friday, Ameyaw and his supporters attempted to stop the training of newly elected USG officials. He was told by a USG executive board member that a resolution possibly making him the vice president or a holding a new presidential election all together could be worked out in a meeting between USG officials, the Judicial Council members and Ameyaw, which took place on Monday.

According to Maxwell, the meeting on Monday was actually a hearing for Ameyaw’s grievance that he filed against the council for unprofessionalism. Ameyaw was supposed to offer a resolution for his grievance that would be considered by all, however, according to Maxwell, he gave no such resolution.

Maxwell says the executive board member “misspoke” and gave Ameyaw “wrong information” on Friday.

The Record was notified of King’s statement Thursday afternoon. Ameyaw says he was only made aware of the statement asked to comment on it.

King told The Record that a copy of the statement will be sent to Ameyaw during her office hours on Friday.