How are Buffalo State students celebrating Halloween?

Another Halloween has arrived. The Pumpkins are carved and line the streets, along with lots of spooky décor. While children wait in anticipation for that special time of the year, when they can dress up and overload on sugar… what are SUNY Buffalo State students planning?

Many students said they would be staying in and watching scary movies.

“I’m going to order pizza, and watch the original black and white scary movies all night,” said junior Alex Silvias.

Ryan, a student in the communication department, explained his choice of staying in was due to the holiday falling on a weeknight.

“It’s in the middle of the week, that’s trash. I guess I’m going to hang out and watch scary movies, maybe go see a haunted house.” Ryan said.

While some students said they would be watching scary movies and shows, Tim Butler, a member of BSCTV, said he would be making his own show. Butler plans on orchestrating several Halloween pranks around campus and capturing the candid moments on camera.

Other students like Carrie Catalano, an Arts and Letters major, will be staying home to pass out candy to all the trick or treaters.

Some students plan on going out and showing off their costumes to celebrate this special holiday. The bars on Elmwood and the downtown Chippewa district were two popular locations mentioned.

Theater major, Jimmy Carapetyan, along with a few other students explained they would not be partaking in any holiday festivities.

“You know, I’m just coming home from work and school and watching the world series, game six, looking forward to it,” said Carapetyan.

The holiday has long been celebrated with tricks and treats. While some students partake in treating themselves with classic horror films, or boozy fall flavored drinks on Chippewa, other students will be experiencing the horror of midterm deadlines and studying for upcoming tests.