The Record

Anxiety and academics: how the two go hand in hand

Jess Freda, Special to The Record

November 30, 2016

“It happens at the snap of a finger. You’re fine, then you’re shaking and hyperventilating until you start crying or you pass out from being so lightheaded. You can’t stop it. You have to just ride it out no matter ...

The Trilogy Party helped college students unwind

Nikita Singh, Contributor

November 30, 2016

With the stress of the semester coming to its peak, college students in Buffalo decided to unwind a bit with one of the most anticipated parties this fall. On Nov. 12, hundreds of young adults from the University at Buffalo...

Buff State fails to uphold their mission statement

Jillian LeBlanc, Opinion Editor

October 26, 2016

What is the point of college? This question is usually seen as a dumb one, but society has an array of answers. Some say it is a money-sucking gimmick, a waste of time, an expensive party or a place that induces midday naps. But...

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