The 4 YouTube channels all pop culture and film fans should be watching


Max Wagner, Columnist

For most film fans, the most important weapon in your arsenal is your knowledge about the vast catalog of films you’ve seen, and the ones you lie about and say you’ve seen. Yes, everybody has one, I’ve never seen “Scarface”, but do I say I have, yeah.

But in this busy world sometimes it’s hard to sit down and watch movies all day, so film fans need to find some way to quench that thirst for film knowledge. For me, I watch a few different YouTube channels that focus on film and pop culture and provide great knowledge through the fun and interesting shows that they produce. These are 4 YouTube channels that all pop culture and film fans should be watching. This list is in no particular order, other than they are all great channels that are a step above the others.

First, let’s talk about Collider Video. Supplemented by the web-based news outlet,, Collider Video is best known for their main show, Collider Movie Talk. This is a daily news show about all the breaking film news of the day, with a 4-person panel who talk and express their opinions on everything film. After bringing on Kristian Harloff and Mark Ellis from Schmoes Know, the channel evolved to become more fun and inviting. They also brought over the hit show, Movie Trivia Schmoedown, which is a movie trivia show through the medium of professional wrestling and the UFC. The Movie Trivia Schmoedown is absolutely the greatest show that Collider is currently producing, allowing all of the familiar and fan favorite faces of film journalism to compete in single and team leagues for the coveted championship belts. There aren’t enough words to describe the wonderful community both inside Collider and outside. Through Collider, each day you will be introduced to new personalities and those who’ve you come to love.

Next up is Screen Junkies/Screen Junkies News. If you’ve ever heard of Honest Trailers, then you might know about Screen Junkies. Off the back of a revamp a few months back, Screen Junkies has come back super strong with the amazing minds of not only the four people in the photo above (Joe, Spencer, Roth, Dan) but also with new and familiar faces of the film community. There is some crossover between Screen Junkies and Collider, where freelancers appear on both channels to show us their knowledge and love of film. The flagship show of Screen Junkies is their weekly Honest Trailer, where the crew picks apart some of the absurdities of both very bad films and very good films, bringing a comedic flourish to film analysis. Screen Junkies News is their second channel where they do a daily news show that usually runs off the rails because of “Dirty Aunt” Roth. I suggest you go and watch the show to understand that reference. They are also revamping their other flagship show, Movie Fights, where those same familiar faces of the internet battle it out argument style about crazy film questions.

This next group of channels are focused more on comic books but provide insight into the most lucrative genre of film lately, the comic book genre. Four channels come together, now every other Tuesday to do The Weekly Pull Podcast, where they talk about recent comic book movies and the news of the comic book world. The channels are ComicPOP, Caped-Joel, Comicstorian, and ComicsExplained. Each channel is separate but a lot of crossovers happens outside of the bi-weekly podcast, with Sal from ComicPOP and Joel from Caped-Joel hosting another weekly podcast called The Elseworlds Exchange, where they sometimes have guests like Jason Inman of Jawiin. Benny from Comicstorian and Rob from ComicsExplained also host a separate podcast called the RnBe. I highly suggest watching all four channels due to the vast collection of different types of videos each channel provides.

This picture describes this next channel perfectly, the channel is RedLetterMedia. RedLetterMedia is different from the Collider and Screen Junkies in many ways, but their location is the biggest. While Collider and Screen Junkies sit in the hub of film culture, California, RedLetterMedia’s home base is that of Milwaukee County, Wisconsin. This plays a big part in the videos they create because with each movie review there is also a plot within the review. Headed by Mike Stoklasa, Jay Bauman, and Rich Evans, RLM produces Half in the Bag, where they review and talk about specific new movies. This channel is focused much more on quality rather than quantity. They play VCR repairman for a character called Mr. Plinkett throughout their reviews and satirically analyze new films while also producing funny skits, making fun of the Plinkett character. They also produce Best of the Worst where they watch old, practically homemade films. They find gems of the VCR age and deep dive into the usually terrible films for over an hour. The relationships between Mike, Jay, Rich as well as other hosts Jack and Josh are at sometimes absurd but are always hilarious.

All of these channels provide wonderful knowledge about the film through people you will come to love and always through hilarity. I suggest watching all of these people if you love film and pop culture. If I didn’t cover any of your favorite channels or hidden gems of film YouTube, throw them a shout-out in the comments below.