Ideal fashions for your ideal spring break


Brianna Baptiste, Columnist

What’s your ideal spring break? Maybe relaxing on a beach or trudging through a rainforest? You might even be the party animal that wants nothing but tons of drinks and non-stop music. No matter what type of person you are I guarantee I have the perfect destination spot for you. For each destination, there is also a perfect outfit. There stands the perfect duo.

For the party animal: Everyone knows the biggest party scene for spring break is in Miami. This is the place that lacks morals and a drinking limit. Everyone is super friendly and ready to go on wild adventures with you. South Beach is the hottest spot in town. You can choose between a beach dance party or skinny dipping your life away. But what will you wear to your beach party? There are three things you need to create the ideal look. You’ll need a smoking bathing suit, a fire fanny pack and a banging cover up. This right here will have you stopping traffic on any Miami street even though I guarantee everyone will be walking since they’re too drunk to drive.

For the students that just need to relax:  Aruba is all yours. Being that it is a small island, there isn’t much to do but relax. The residents are extremely welcoming and always want to make sure that you are comfortable. If you’re looking for slight adventure, there are ATVs that you can ride to do your tour around the island. For your ATV tour, throw on a pair of ripped Bermuda shorts and your favorite Aruba t-shirt from the gift shop, with a pair of sneakers that you aren’t afraid of getting dirty and you will be fashion and relaxation ready.


For the adventurer: If you are like me, adventure might as well be your middle name. One place that will satisfy that adventure craving is Galapagos Islands, Ecuador. This is the setting for so many childhood folktales and scary stories, so of course, it’s the perfect destination for ones looking for an adventure. You will be literally following the footsteps of people, such as Charles Darwin. With that, there are also other activities such as snorkeling, diving, and swimming with endangered species. For this adventure, all you need is your easy, breezy, wetsuit with your free spirit.

For the information junkie: This trip is for the people who want to learn even when they are outside of school. My sister fits into this category. Learning new things is what she loves to do. For her and all the others like her, Mongolia is the ideal destination. Many don’t see this as a training ground but recently interest has peaked in their warrior training. Genghis Khan, one of the most fearsome warriors, founded the Mongol Empire there in the 13th century, therefore making this the perfect training ground for newbies who are information crazed. The training includes dressing as a warrior, living in the campgrounds for three or more days, and learning how to make and shoot an arrow. The perfect outfit, calls for your inner warrior to be brought out. That includes whatever rugged camouflage clothing you have in your closet. Please don’t buy anything new for a trip such as this.

For the students who want nothing more than to help others: Volunteer Trips. This is something I’ve always dreamed of taking part in. Right now, Puerto Rico is a great place to volunteer, especially if it’s your first volunteer trip. Being that they recently fell victim to a natural disaster, the country is still working on building itself up. Here you can either work at the local schools, to inspire children to be the best they can be so that they may one day, help their country as well or you may choose to help rebuild houses for families who can’t afford to rebuild it themselves. Here, there is no perfect outfit. Just be you and wear whatever is comfortable.