Consumers deserve GMO labeling

Each and every day one of the biggest questions people face is “Where will my next meal come from?” The food we eat is one of the essential parts to living a healthy life, so it’s obvious as to why it’s such an important question.

According to the Center for Food Safety, about 60-70 percent of food on supermarket shelves is genetically modified.

What does it mean for food to be genetically modified? It means that the food (whether plant or animal) has had its genes altered with DNA from different species of bacteria or viruses so that it becomes resistant to pesticides or disease.

GMOs have led to things like chickens with breasts so large that they cannot support their own weight and pigs and cows with digestive and reproductive issues.

According to the Center for Food Safety, there has been scientific research done that shows that genetically modified organisms pose a threat to the farmers, the consumers, the organisms, and the environment.

GMOs are very widespread and they are something everyone should know about and be educated on.

As of now there are 64 countries, including Japan, China, Australia, Brazil, and Russia, that require their genetically modified foods to be labeled as so. The United States of America is not one of them.

There are only two US states that require labeling which are Connecticut and Maine, but they will not require the labeling to start until more states require labeling.
Why doesn’t the United States require labeling of GMOs?

Supporters of not labeling GMO foods give many reasons to not label them. They say GMO foods are identical and just as safe as non-GMO foods. They claim that labeling them as such would cause unneeded panic against GMOs, and that if you want to make sure you’re not eating GMOs, you can just buy 100% organic foods. They also say that GMOs allows them to produce more food than they ever could regularly, which helps the ever-growing population.

Despite those thoughts, a recent New York Times poll shows that 93 percent of respondents say they are in favor of GMO foods being labeled. I also believe there are many benefits to labeling them and would be in favor of it as well.

We are putting these goods into our bodies and we have the right to know what’s in them how they’re made. Labeling would allow us to freely choose which kind of food you are going to buy.

If GMO foods really are as safe as their proponents claim, then why not label them? It may make a short-term difference in the companies earnings, but if they really are just as healthy as organic foods, the buyers will continue to buy their products.

The government has already taken a step in the right direction by voting to allow the Monsanto Protection Act to expire. It is now their job, along with the voters, to continue to take steps in that direction and protect consumers by informing us what’s in our food.