REVIEW: Will NBC’s “Rise” separate itself from its musical predecessors

Max Wagner, Columnist

Hey, is that Ted Mosby?

And wait, is this a “Glee” reboot?

These are the first two questions that popped into my head when I saw the preview for NBC’s new show, “Rise”.

And the answer is yes, that is Ted Mosby, or at least the actor that played the beloved sitcom character in “How I Met Your Mother”, Josh Radnor.

And the other answer is, kind of, but also, not at all.

“Rise” has all the tropes and stereotypes that one might expect. There’s the star football player with a surprisingly good voice, whose mom is sick in the hospital. There’s the shy girl with a beautiful voice, whose mom is sleeping with the football coach. The star performer who is lying to himself about being gay because of his religious family. The pretty girl who starred in all the previous plays, but is now the second bill and her dad is the cheating football coach. The young girl transitioning to become a male, with a beautiful voice.

And the young man who’s homeless and living in the control room of the theatre. And yes, this was all introduced in the premiere episode.

But, what’s different about “Rise”, compared to “Glee”, is the realness. Glee always felt more like a comedy where the actors might break out into song at any given moment.

And don’t get me wrong, I loved “Glee”. For my generation, “Glee” came out at a time when we were in high school and teens could relate to characters that were bullied and oppressed and told not to follow their dreams. The characters in “Glee” helped thousands of teens and probably adults too, to embrace their true selves and break away from the stereotypes that categorized them.

But now, this generation of teens have a show to relate to on an even deeper and real level.

“Rise” stars, Ted Mosby, oh sorry, I meant Josh Radnor. It’s gonna be very hard to not see Ted for a while. Also starring in the series is Auli’i Cravalho, who is known as the voice of Disney’s “Moana”. There are also many new faces that I haven’t seen in any T.V. or Film prior to this.

The premiere episode of “Rise” was jam-packed with a lot of introductory storylines that I am excited to see unfold throughout the series. The way each character’s lives seem to already intertwine is very promising so that no interesting storyline is forgotten about or left unfinished.

While I joke about Josh Radnor only being recognized as Ted from HIMYM, I’m actually really excited to see him in a new series. Some of the best and most memorable scenes from HIMYM are the emotional ones he shares with Cobie Smulders character, Robin. Radnor is the kind of actor that really makes you care about him because you can relate to him, he doesn’t look like Brad Pitt, he kind of looks like your cool cousin.

This show is definitely going to try to make you cry, but then it will lift your spirits with a beautiful musical ballad. I’m excited to see where this show goes and if it will survive past its first season.