The Record

The future of VR should be exciting, not frightening

Joel Hopkins, Reporter

October 12, 2016

Technology is always moving forward with immense speed, leaving many people stuck playing a constant game of “catch-up” with the latest and greatest gear. Recently, virtual reality (VR) devices are making a big buzz in...

Buying a smartphone might blow up in your face

Joel Hopkins, Reporter

September 13, 2016

For many college students, a good smartphone is a helpful tool for staying up to date on what is happening inside and out of the classroom. For other college students, like myself, smartphones are just our favorite piece of technology. While...

Keeping up with technology is hard but beneficial

Olivia Smith, Staff Writer

May 4, 2016

Technology is changing fast, so fast that it may seem difficult to keep up. In some cases, the technology we learn in our classes can become outdated by the time we can utilize those skills in the job market. However, that doesn’t...

SignAloud fails to properly translate sign language

Jillian LeBlanc, Opinion Editor

April 27, 2016

Some ideas and inventions have good intentions but fail to fall into the practicality of life. Thomas Pryor and Navid Azodi, two sophomores at the University of Washington, recently won the Lemelson-MIT Student Prize with their...

ResNet increases campus bandwidth, students rejoice

Lauren Coppola, News Editor

March 5, 2014

Last semester, students were informed that SUNY Buffalo State was looking into purchasing more bandwidth in the dorms to create a faster Wi-Fi connection around campus. Over winter break the Residence Life and Housing Office...

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