‘Technosexuality’ both benefits and challenges human relationships

Edwin J. Viera, Columnist

The musical Avenue Q is known for its hilarious music and one song in particular called “The Internet is for Porn.” Though this is a catchy song, it has more than just some truth to it, it in a sense describes sexual relationships. While most people acknowledge this as true, there is more truth to this idea than realized. When it comes to sex, technology has become an essential part.

Back in the day, before the Internet, people had to work with a different set of “sexual props.” Props in this case are anything that people incorporate into sex. Before the internet people had magazines, the telephone, sex toys, etc. Now it is an entirely different ball game.

Props now include porn websites, apps such as Tinder and Grinder, cellphones, tablets, and computers. All of these now play a factor in the search for sex. Many people are used to this, seeing as how this is slowly becoming the norm for sexuality.

There are plenty of advantages of technology’s involvement in sex. One major advantage is that technology allows people to explore their sexual interests without anyone having to teach them. Becoming in tune with your sexual preferences is something that people should learn early on in their lives.

For most, this is working out well, but technology’s involvement in sex presents a certain conundrum: what happens to other people? Seeing as how we can seek sexual pleasure on our own and with easy access to pornography, why do we need a partner? Perhaps we just like the idea of having someone instead of just being sexually single.

Sexual pleasure has gone from being a part of the process to being the intended result every time a person has sex. Porn has somewhat caused the value that sex used to have to decease sharply. This has happened because some people try to mimic what they see in pornography instead of letting their own body flow.

Online pornography is no longer really used the way magazine-based porn was. In the days before the Internet, magazines were used when people were aroused, now porn is used to get aroused. However, this does not necessarily mean that sexuality will slowly become just a single person with a phone.

The influence of technology just leaves out the idea of sexual pleasure, that mysterious sense of whether or not the sex can be good. Also, it raises the expectations of what we hope to achieve through sex. Though most people just want it to be good, some want it to be pleasurable.

Pleasure is what seemingly becomes depleted as technology becomes an increasing factor. Slowly people are defining the parameters to something that could be quite common. A lot of people use technology to a point where it is healthy, but not to the point where it becomes the entire sexual relationship.

The word that defines what I’m describing is “technosexual.” Technosexual has come to mean someone that loves gadgets and gizmos or someone that has a romance going on with their dryer.

In fact, it actually comes to mean technological related sex because that is exactly what many people have going for them.

Even though people will always have another person in their lives to have sex with, technology may always end up being the second runner up. Though technology is second in this race, it will always fight to get in the lead.

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