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Action Jackson: An ageless anomaly

Dan Almasi, Associate Sports Editor

September 25, 2014

While many 30-plus year-old running backs are losing touches and even their starting jobs to fresher legs, Fred Jackson is still running with the quickness and explosiveness of a rookie and the experience and smarts of a vet. At...

Buffalo breathes collective sigh of relief: Pegula buys Bills

Dan Almasi, Opinion Editor

September 15, 2014

The loss of Buffalo Bills founder, owner, patriarch and NFL Hall of Famer Ralph C. Wilson Jr. this past March was a huge loss for the entire city of Buffalo. Wilson’s death seemed increasingly inevitable after news of health...

What your music says about you

Dan Almasi, Staff Writer

May 7, 2014

“Hey, I like your shirt,” I say to the random kid wearing a Killers t-shirt sitting across from me in Fireside Lounge. Killers t-shirt kid and I exchange a few words for the remaining fifteen minutes until we have to go to...

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