The Record

Food costs too damn high

Katherine Middleton, Opinion Editor

April 25, 2015

Buying food on campus can be a draining experience, both emotionally and financially. Dealing with sometimes-moody staff members and paying high prices for mediocre food every day can take its toll on a person. During a one-week...

Campus dining cards expanding to add additional venues

Greg Gelz, Reporter

March 5, 2014

Students swiping their meal cards on the SUNY Buffalo State campus could soon be using their cards at a number of exciting new venues, according to Manny Lezama, Chartwells resident district manager. New dining additions have...

USG Senate speaks out: television menu boards not purchased with student tuition

Letters to the Editor

February 26, 2014

To the Editor: The article that was printed in the last issue titled, “Lavish campus purchases are blatant waste of tuition money,” was a bit of a concern for me. My name is Ashleigh-Ann Sutherland, a student here at...

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