Grant To Be Mayor Brown’s Running Mate in the Upcoming Election


Francis Boeck, Associate Sports Editor

United Students Government President Terron Grant may be leaving Buffalo State in a few months, but he won’t be leaving the city as the Buffalo State senior will be Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown’s running mate in the upcoming mayoral election.

Last Week, Grant received a letter from the mayor’s office, notifying him that Grant Street would named after him.

“I was surprised. I didn’t think I was worthy of such an honor,” Grant said.

On Tuesday afternoon, Grant showed up to the corner of Grant Street and Rockwell Road. He immediately met Mayor Byron Brown and a found plastic bag around the street sign.

Brown turned to the crowd, put his arm around Grant’s shoulder and said ,”This kid has done such great things for Buffalo State. We need to honor him.”

Brown and Grant pulled the bag off the sign showed that Grant Street was renamed ‘Grant Street’ in the senior’s honor.

After the sign was unveiled, Brown had a surprise for Grant.

“He told me to look up to the sky. I saw in big white letters a plane made the words, ‘Terron, Will you be my running mate?’ and I turned back to see Mayor Brown down on one knee,” Grant said. “I was in shock.”

Grant said yes.

“He’s just such a great leader,” Brown, a Buffalo State alum, said. “Time and time again Grant has shown the ability to get things done. Buffalo State has been lucky to have him. The City of Buffalo would be lucky to have him.”

During his tenure as president, Grant has been key in maintaining and improving campus life at Buffalo State.

The Board of Trustees and Chartwells food service were in hard-fought negotiations over the summer. The fate of students having any food on campus for the 2016 fall semester was in serious jeopardy until Grant stepped in and came up with a compromise.

When the NFTA announced that it would not stop at the 32A Elmwood and Rockwell stop, Grant swooped in and convinced the administration to take action.

Grant was instrumental in securing a federal grant for an on-campus, student-only indoor water park. He even convinced the administration to cancel classes last month during the snowstorm.

“I was so happy he said yes,” Brown said. “He reminds me so much of myself. I can’t think of anyone else I’d rather spend the rest of my years as mayor with.”

Brown and Grant have a lot of commonalties. Brown graduated from Buffalo State in 1983. Both Grant and the mayor grew up in Queens.

If elected, Grant would be the youngest deputy mayor in the history of the City of Buffalo.

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