USG Senate speaks out: television menu boards not purchased with student tuition

Letters to the Editor

To the Editor:

The article that was printed in the last issue titled, “Lavish campus purchases are blatant waste of tuition money,” was a bit of a concern for me.

My name is Ashleigh-Ann Sutherland, a student here at Buffalo State, and I am the speaker of the USG Senate. With that position comes another one: being the chair of the Food Service Committee.

This committee is based solely on a professional relationship between Chartwells and USG. We meet once a month and our next two meetings are on March 11 and April 15, both of which begin at 12:30 p.m. in the USG Game Room, room 105 G.

At our last meeting on Feb. 19, we discussed the things that were spoken about in this article. The televisions that have been bought by Chartwells are going to be new menu boards. In this way Chartwells can change their menus electronically as opposed to having to print and reprint menus as new things come about, which can be costly.

The money that was used to purchase the televisions does not come from our tuition. Chartwells does have a reserved budget for itself that is used annually to renovate and in order to progress our dining services.

I just wanted to shed light on the situation.

If students have any questions, please contact me via [email protected].


Ashleigh-Ann Sutherland

USG Speaker Pro-Tempore